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Forming a band in the UK these days usually starts with a group of friends with a mutual love of great music. Once together, the journey begins and the early days for many artists are the most testing times. Getting yourselves noticed, small gigs with very few in the audience, writing your first original tracks and of course, recording, are a big deal for many new bands. The best thing to do is take it in your stride, and with that produce true music. This group of friends have incorporated their natural flair, musical ability and youthful outlook to become one of the most gifted new bands on the scene. Defiantly taking it in their stride, this is The Turning.

Formed in March 2013; David Bardon (Lead Guitar), Louis Gilbert (Bass), Ruben Kenton-Harris (Drums) from West London; were introduced to Luke McLaughlin (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) from Derry, by their mutual manager. Not long after meeting, they had already written ‘Magazine Street’, which features in their self- titled debut EP. The Turning have taken influences from 60’s British Beat bands and late 70’s Pub Rockers, as well as more modern artists such as Miles Kane and their good friends, The Strypes.

‘The Turning – EP’ consists of 4 beautifully written songs, each individually as strong as the last. We begin this tale with the lead single ‘Stand Clear of My Mind’ a tune that smashes through your headphones and captures the atmosphere of the next 3 tracks perfectly. First impressions do count, and this is the pinnacle of the best. Maturely written lyrics that you would associate with artist’s way beyond their years are supported by the catchy disorientating guitar riff. Bursting at the seams, the tune’s fast paced, up tempo beat pushes it throughout.

Following this, the second A-Side track is ‘What You Think Is Right’ which lives up to that ferocious first. A melodic display of provocative vocals that will transport your mind back to hazy summer days. It is a contrast to ‘Stand Clear of My Mind’ in the way the song has a slightly slower backing, however still demonstrates the same song writing style. It has a much lighter sing-along chorus.

Beginning the B-Side, we have ‘Magazine Street’.  A tune that could have easily been a very successful Arctic Monkeys single, it is endlessly energetic. The Turning have really mastered the mood of this song, with a gradual build to the drum beat and effective bass guitar. Magic.

Completing the infectious four, ‘The Painful Art of Dreaming’ is a heart rendering piece that is acoustic genius. Showing another level of the bands creative technique, they are able to turn around the mood yet again, to finish on a real high. The lush melody and wonderfully written lyrics interspersed between a great rhythm makes for a great song.

You can download ‘The Turning – EP’ from Itunes.

Including the EP, The Turning have produced fantastic covers of classic blues songs, for example:  ‘Johnny B Goode’ and ‘Too Much Monkey Business’ by Chuck Berry, with the newest being ‘Bad Boy’ by Larry Williams. Check out ‘Too Much Monkey Business’ below.

With fans throughout the UK, and overseas, especially in Japan – The Turning are well on road to greatness. They are performing at The Blues Kitchen, Camden on Thursday 7th November and then at Camden’s Barfly on December 12th – so make sure you see them live as it can only get bigger from here! Taking it in their stride, this is, The Turning.

Rachel Young

Rachel Young

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