Gigslutz Predictions For 2014

Happy new year one and all from the Gigslutz team! To start off the year as a bit of fun we thought we’d get our heads together and give you some predictions of what we think will be in store for 2014….

Elliott Homer

For this feature I originally set about trying to predict the Glastonbury 2014 line-up but Arcade Fire’s announcement scuppered all that (even if I did say they’d headline). Instead, I’ve decided to step it up a notch and try to predict the semantically impossible: surprise. 2014 is already being forecasted as the year of the surprise release by many publications, each expecting major artists to forgo lengthy, gestated promotional campaigns and do a Beyoncé i.e. drop their album suddenly on the unsuspecting public. In the coming year expect to see examples from artists as wide-ranging as Slipknot, U2 and Rihanna. Then again, if you expect it, is it still a surprise? I may have just accidentally ruined 2014 for you… You’re welcome.

Mari Lane

One new band stood out above the rest for me last year:

For a taste of old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll tinged with a unique post-punk buzz, check out Eight Rounds Rapid – they will blow your mind with their phenomenal live performances. Having spent much of the year supporting the legendary Wilko Johnson, this talented quartet from Southend On Sea exude an extraordinary stage presence and sophisticated charisma that excites and intoxicates. They deliver original, fast-paced storms of sound with climatic riffs, pumping bass lines and a pounding, punk-infused energy that is impossible to ignore. I can’t seem to emphasise enough just how incredibly impressed and excited I am by Eight Rounds Rapid and I can’t wait to hear what they have in store for 2014.

(Also, watch out for Missouri lads – Radkey – they’re pretty much set to take over the world in a thrashing frenzy of teenage rebellion.)

Tash Walker

My music prediction for 2014 is more of FTSE. I haven’t been able to get his song St. Tropez out of my head for weeks. Deep vocals and resonating beats, his tracks have the perfect amount of melancholy to get you hooked.

David Ham

I’m no predictor by trade, otherwise I’d apply for the role of Jesus, and seeing as he’s made up anyway that would all be a waste of my really precious time. However, when it comes to a feeling in the water, I’ve been known to be pretty holy…Stone Roses to headline Glasto? New album in tow? Now that’s magic.

Maz Healey

B-Town’s (that’s Birmingham btw) Broken Witt Rebels are releasing a new EP very soon. I expect to hear big things from this ‘balls to the wall all out rock/blues band’, they’ve gained some solid support locally and I’m guessing there will be some airplay and see more live dates from the 4-piece. If you get a  chance – catch them live. Check them out here

Alan Nersessian 

1. 2014 will be the year that Tyler, The Creator finally gets the recognition as a musician and a film-maker that he deserves by winning a Grammy. Despite his earlier shock-factor lyrics Tyler has started to mature and show the world what he’s capable of, particularly with his last album Wolf. A lover of directing his own music videos and more recently for others, he’ll hopefully finally get the praise he so richly deserves.

2. Oasis will reform. Yes, they really will. History has taught us that if you throw large piles of cash at a historically important band that’s gone through the machine and come out a bit worse for wear they’ll happily reform to perform in an over-sized field. Despite Noel and Liam’s protestations against it right now I’m sure they’ll have many people telling them that it’ll be a fitting way to wave goodbye to the past.

3. Kanye West will design an article of clothing that when worn will transform your beat-up Ford Fiesta in to a Bugatti Vyron, turns your 2 bedroom flat into a lavish Roman mansion and your partner into a chiseled model. The clothing will be “for the people” in a hope to unite us all under his Donda production house. The cost of the garment? £66,990. Not including VAT.

Ed Chandler (Hijacker Records)

Having only watched Rufus for the first time last week, my pick for 2014 has come in right at the death, but I’m pretty confident we’ll be talking about them a lot in the coming months. It was obvious from the rammed show at Madame JoJos that Rufus are ticking all of the boxes, using their slick production chops and pure live energy to get the crowd bouncing on a Tuesday night. They’ve got some huge tracks, but “Take Me” is a monster – expect to hear it across the airwaves in the new year.

Rachel Young

So if 2014’s music delivers to the same standard as this year we are in for a treat. Next year I think that The 45’s are going to lead yet another year of teenage domination, really breaking

that all important signing. The 45’s capture the spirit and style of a classic R&B band, but infuse this with a modern, 21st century attitude. After supporting Wilko Johnson, and releasing a fantastic single, the future is looking bright for these guys!

Gary Byfield

My musical tip for 2014 isn’t so much a tip or prediction but somewhat of a certainty, hopefully!! The Horrors have returned to the studio to record the follow up to their very successful seminal album Skying. This album has to be one of my favourite albums of the last 5 years and so I am waiting with baited breath to see what the East London goth-psych lads can come up with.