GIGSLUTZ EP PREMIERE: Maybelleen – ‘Stereotypes’

Back in July we highlighted Quebec duo Maybelleen as one of our ‘Ones To Watch’. And now the band have given us an exclusive listen to the their new EP Stereotypes, which will be released on January 27th with Rubber Brother Records.

Maybelleen have previously been likened to British dreamers, Temples, and Stereotypes really encapsulates ’80s indie with elements of Brit Pop and modern psychedelic harmonies.

The EP opens with its brilliant title track ‘Stereotypes’ which has a layered phased guitar cutting through the mix while the band’s lead vocalist, Peter, addresses the listener directly asking “How does it feel to be a stereotype?”.

Songs such as ‘Emily’ are driven by the guitars’ syncopated stabs and clashing drum beat which makes the verse interesting to say the least; and, while it’s a little on the long side at four minutes long, it’s catchy from the off. Whilst ‘Models On TV’  have a driving programmed bass line and a vocal melody that sounds not too dissimilar from Jim Reid of ’80s classics The Jesus and Mary Chain – who strike me as a massive influence on the EP.

Next up is an ode to infatuation going under the name of ‘Rest My Case’, with another ’80s electro pop-reminiscent synth line. The repetition of “We’re getting closer everyday” sets the theme for the song and EP alike.

The band’s next single, ‘Time Machines’, comes complete with a neo-psych tone and huge chorus it’s one of the stand out songs of the EP. The beautifully meshed harmonies and double tracking would fit perfectly with The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Darklands era which can only be a good thing. The closing song smashes through the opening bars with a brass melody line and the usual subtle, catchy melody, ’To Know Me Better Now’ is a fitting closer for a great EP.

Whilst clearly drawing on plenty of old school influences, Maybelleen’s Stereotypes is an exciting addition to the current thriving indie and psych scene.

Best tracks: ‘Stereotypes’, ‘Time Machine’.

Listen to Stereotypes for yourself here:


Harry Beaton


Harry Beaton

Harry Beaton

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