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Once again we ask one of our brave writers to dive headfirst into the always baffling, sometimes spine-chilling, never fully comprehensible world of the internet in search of only the best videos starring your favourite rock ‘n’ roll characters. Our man in the spotlight this time is none other than William John Paul Gallagher, or as he’s better known, Liam. Your intrepid guide is Gary Byfield, leading you through everything Oasis, Beady Eye and the rest.

On to the videos…

Live Forever Outtakes – 2003

Here Liam is in fine form being quizzed on topics in a North London boozer for the Live Forever: Rise and Fall of Britpop DVD. In his usual enthusiastic manner, or lack of, he answers the questions with the stupidity he feels they deserve. Discussing everything from the Mancunian walk to reincarnation it proves a must-see for anyone who is a fan of that familiar dry sense of humour we know and love. Also note the signature loose gum chew.

Start Anew? – 2013

Any Liam Gallagher fan would have been intrigued to see what Beady Eye had to offer and it’s safe to say that opinions were divided, however the love for the man never faded. Start Anew? – A Film About Liam Gallagher and Beady Eye is the perfect way to showcase how the man’s love for rock’ n’ roll has also never faded. Whilst not wholly about Liam Gallagher, it’s safe to say, as always he steals the show.

‘Morning Glory’ Live in Argentina – 2009

Whilst Liam has always been good for a quote or two and his interviews form the basis of our love, let’s not forget what he’s actually paid for. This video from 2009 shows Oasis in Argentina playing ‘Morning Glory’ to a crowd going absolutely bat shit crazy. This video has always been a staple in anyone wanting to relive the glory days. Looking cool as fuck in a parka and belting out the song with the venom only he can provide quickly reminds us how great a frontman he actually is.

Candid Interview – circa 1995

The ’90s, for some, were all about sex, drugs and Britpop and no one embodied this as much as Oasis and none more emphatically than the younger Gallagher brother. Here a very young (and a little worse for wear) Liam is being chased down the road and questioned. Once again, his answers are brilliant.

“George Harrison is a fucking nipple” – 1997

Following somewhat derogatory comments in the press from George Harrison about Oasis Liam responds in typically offensive style: “I still like The Beatles, but as a person I think he’s a fucking nipple”. An underused insult if ever there was one. This clip also shows Liam describing how his education shows he is not so silly after all. Find out what he’s on about below

Fade In-Out live @ The Gmex – 1997

Be Here Now may have been derided by many and stemmed the seemingly unstoppable rise of Oasis but it also brought some brilliant moments. One of those being their homecoming gig at the Gmex in 1997. Liam singing Fade In-Out here shows a front man at the top of his game

Liam – Beyond drunk 

This one is also from the Be Here Now tour. We all know Liam likes a sherry from time to time but in this video he’s took his drinking to extreme measures. This performance starts with him barely being able to speak as he slurs his words into the mic, and ends with him having to sit down to sing his songs, with some groping of Noel going on in the middle too. Check it out.

Liam vs. Robbie – 2000
Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher were the best of mates at one point. They even let the “fat one from Take That” dance on stage at Knebworth once upon a time but now they wouldn’t even be let in the same room together. Below is what happens when you do have them in the same room… Robbie shits himself and leaves early.

Debuting on The Word – 1994

In the early 1990s Channel 4’s The Word had the word on what was cool before anyone dared to even coin “Britpop”. If it wasn’t mentioned by Messrs Christian, Lamarr, De Cadenet et al. on Friday night, it wasn’t worth your time. With seminal and controversial perfomances from the likes of Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine and (ahem) L7, you could be forgiven for forgetting this is where a certain Manc band made their debut on our nation’s screens.

Jamming with the Modfather – 1999

On a personal level this video is one of my favourite four minutes going. Having this many legends of music in one space can only mean great things. When Paul Weller, Steve Craddock and both Gallaghers get together to cover an absolute classic, ‘Carnation’ by The Jam, it’s one of the best supergroups you’re ever likely to witness.

Lord Don’t Slow Me Down Backstage Boogie – 2005

This will have you rolling up at the expense of poor Liam. For once he let his guard down and in doing so gets stitched up by his former Oasis bandmates. Captured on the Don’t Believe the Truth Tour Liam is secretly filmed dancing and warming up for a gig. What he doesn’t realise is he’s being filmed the whole time until he watches it back with Noel and co. to their amusement.

MTV Unplugged Behind the Scenes – 1996

We end with the inside story of a gig made notable by Liam’s absence. Back in 1996, riding the wave of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory‘s mega-success across the pond in the U.S., Liam pulled out of Oasis’ scheduled acoustic performance complaining of a “sore throat”, in fact, the result of one too many nights out on the town. Our Kid stepped in ably on vocals and the rest, they say, is history. What we didn’t see however is Liam heckling Noel from the balcony during the set, sadly cut from any televised broadcast.

Liam on his soap box – Wembely 2000

Walking on stage sticking two fingers up to a sold out stadium is usually a sign that someone is in a bad mood. When they first address the crowd with “If you think I’m over the moon to here your fucking tripping” you can be sure they’ve got the hump. Patsy Kensit had left him in the lead up to the Wembley gigs and so the story goes Liam responded by going on a massive bender, not sleeping and playing to 70,000 people. The results are hilarious.

Gary Byfield


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