Gigslutz speaks to Willy Mason

In preparation for Willy Mason’s much anticipated third studio album ‘Carry On’ and forthcoming tour Gigslutz caught up with the man himself to find out what the craic is

Gigslutz: Hello Willy lad!

Willy Mason: Hello! Where are you calling from then?

GS: I’m in an office with no windows somewhere in central London. The accent is from Newcastle though so if you can’t understand what the fuck I’m saying let me know. You wouldn’t be the first. And where can we find Willy Mason?

WM: Ha! The accent is fine, I’m getting it already. I’m in Belfast, we are playing here tomorrow night.

GS: Belfast is a laugh like, top city for a session. So you’re onto your 3rd album “Carry On”. Tell us a bit about that then. What should we be expecting?

WM: Well this is certainly a bit different to the other two. This album was collaboration with Dan Carey and there are a lot more influences on there. There’s Krafwork, dub, reggae, and some electric guitar power awesomeness in there! On one track Dan had me going through 4 guitar amps which was an amazing experience.

The song writing itself is a more traditional style, sort of country blues but there is a bit of everything in there. It’s a really good mix of stuff and it really works.

GS: That sounds canny. I’m not sure what electric guitar power awesomeness is but I’ll look forward to finding out! So you mentioned Dan Carey there. How did that come about then as looking at some of his previous work with the likes of Kylie and MIA he’s not someone you’d immediately associate with Willy Mason.

WM: Yeah well we met through a mutual friend, Mark Carlisle. I was inLondon with a bunch of songs and we all met up for some lunch at Dan’s place. We really just hit it off from there really. Dan has a really cool studio in his house with loads of fun toys in there and place really suited our styles so it was perfect.

GS: I presume they are musical toys and not ‘Bop It’ or ‘Kerplunk’. And you’re on tour right now aren’t you?

WM: Yes I’m currently doing a tour with Ben Howard which will be really cool and I’ve just come from Australia from touring with Mumford & Sons which was great. Both of these tours have been playing in really large rooms and the crews have been great so it’s been really enjoyable. It’s always good to see these travelling circuses and how they work! I’ve learnt a lot from these people on how to make things work on a grand scale.

GS: You have some solo dates too, right?

WM: Yeah after the Ben Howard dates I’ll be doing a headline tour through December and then back in theUK again in March.

GS: Do you find a difference in your crowds from America to the UK? You seem to have a bit of a cult following over here.

WM: Both sides are nice really and enjoyable. In the UK though the words probably get sung back a lot more!

GS: Sound. Well we will be popping out to catch a gig or two of those and to check out some guitar power awesomeness. Before we go I’m going to ask you some random questions if that’s alright

WM: Sure

GS: Beatles or The Stones

WM (After a long pause of silence): Ah come on man I can’t answer that.

GS: The correct answer was the Beatles. Ok then Lager or Bitter?

WM: Bitter

GS: Obama or the other Mott fella?

WM: Obama!

GS: If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?

WM: I’d be a journalist!

GS: Really?!! I don’t believe you, I can see through that one…! Sorry awful craic that mate. Anyways, thanks for the time Willy and great to talk to you, good luck with the album and tour

WM: You too man! Have a good one…

Carry On is due out on 3rd December and Willy will be touring theUK on a solo jaunt through December and next March also.


1 Dec                 King Tuts, Glasgow UK
2 Dec                 Ruby Lounge, Manchester UK
3 Dec                 Glee Club, Birmingham UK
4 Dec                 Thekla, Bristol UK
5 Dec                 Scala, London UK

3 Mar                 Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
4 Mar                 Exeter Phoenix
5 Mar                 Cardiff Glee Club
8 Mar                 Leeds The Wardrobe
9 Mar                 Newcastle Old Town Hall
10 Mar               Glasgow Oran Mor
12 Mar               Liverpool The Kazimier
13 Mar               Nottingham Rescue Rooms
14 Mar               Dublin Whelans
15 Mar               Belfast Limelight