Gigslutz Top 20 for 2020

After such a great year full of joy and happiness you might say “what?!! I don’t need any more positivity thanks very much mush! Take your best 20 tracks of 2020 out of my face and get stuffed”.

Well just incase there’s anyone out there, just one lucky person who has a slither of room for a final dose of some more good stuff, here it is.

In fact we’ve doubled the dose from 10 to 20 this year as there was so much good new music from artists old and new. You know what they say; ‘times of frustration = creation’ (I just made that up). Who knows? Maybe this year has spawned some of the best creativity in recent times? Debate for another day, 2 yards apart, outside.

Big up Saint Alto for making it two years running due to their juicy and relevant social commentary for our current times. Fist emoji. Respect to Marcellus for the best sample of the year; “left the drugs alone took the thugs along wit’ me!”, R.I.P BIGGIE, and no wonder it’s all gone pear shaped; we’ve been without Mike Skinner’s wisdom for too long. The Streets are back.
Take the vaccine. Let it pump through your inner self. Then sit outside a pub under a heater, debating it and then tweet us to say we don’t know what we’re talking about, and send us your top 20. 


Merry Pagan Festival one and all. 

And for 2021…be nice to each other. You ain’t untouchable x

David Ham
David is a co-founder of the good ship Gigslutz, slightly obsessed with Hunter S Thompon and Public Enemy. Could be worse.
David Ham

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