Gigslutz Top 20 for ’23.

The Gigslutz heroes and anti-heroes (whatever that means) have arrived served on a shiny platter, covered in gravy and stuffed with stuff you stuff stuff with..

Kicking off with Slowthai, still operating in his own dimension of talent and thought. I’m pretty sure he sees the world through a rusted kaleidoscope that we will never get our hands on.

2023 then. A year when QOTSA were seen live for the first time by myself and pure love sprung forth halfway in, prompting a beeline from the back to the front for a mosh off. Blur came back with their first new material in 8 years, Blond:ish continued her stratospheric rise on a wave of the type of energy she seems to have perfected and Jesus & The Mary Chain marked the announcement of a huge 40 year anniversary tour for 2024, by dropping a storming new track – Jamcod. (Someone explain?).

I somehow feel the year in general can be manifested perfectly in the scruff and tumble of the return of Margate’s finest; The fackin’ Libertines mate. Bring that album on. Two great singles so far and responsible for a spike in Berocca sales in Margate in December off the back of their extensively messy gigs there.

Mike Skinner keeps on skinnin’ up quality stuff and The Stones are mostly still alive and doing what they do best with a bit of help from The Gaga. You nose it.

As always, a few newbies as well that have shot out of the cannon and look set to go onto good things.

GOAT created a score for the Shane Meadows series The Gallows Pole which is a must on iplayer if you haven’t yet, and then followed it up this month with a live version that is unbelievably heavy. New favourite band zone there.

There’s some thick thick n tasty gravy courtesy of a haunting instrumental from the Killers of the Flower Moon soundtrack that was entirely shaped by Robbie Robertson, who for those who may not know, was Bob Dylan’s lead axe man and singer/ songwriter of The Band. He also sadly passed away this August but would just have seen his art permeate that beautiful film. Can’t remember the last time a one-artist score came so hand in glove with a film.

Gun to the head favourite track of the year?… Fontaines D.C’s ethereal cover of Nick Drake’s Cello Song. Wow wee.

For last orders there’s also a bonus track – a festive offering from Ezra Collective.

So there you have it.

Stick it on and more importantly; Keep on keepin’ on.

Enjoy the Pagan Festival and do something nice for a stranger.

Piece out peeps.

Gigslutz. X