Gigslutz Unsigned – Track Review: THE DARLINGTONS ‘Watch Yourself’

Hailing from the South West, alt-rock four piece – The Darlingtons – are due to release ‘Who Says There’s No Beach In Doncaster?’ next week –  a live EP from which you can get a taste of their intense, energy-fuelled performances. Reminiscent of the likes of indie-rocksters Editors or shoegazing icons such as My Bloody Valentine, The Darlingtons deliver youthful, life-affirming tunes, fuelled with adrenaline and determination.

The single ‘Watch Yourself’ stands out as an honest, indie anthem filled with whirring reverb and Kiran Roy’s raspy raw vocals. A wonderful cacophony, laden with a rush of layered guitars interwoven between pretty melodies, ‘Watch Yourself’ is an appealingly catchy tune that you’ll soon find yourself singing along to. This live recording is an impassioned slice of youth that excites and inspires, capable of taking one back to the sticky floors and plastic cups of the delightfully dreary indie-clubs once so often frequented. And I would quite happily frequent such a place once more in order to witness The Darlingtons blast out their electrifying, energised tunes first hand.

The live EP, ‘Who Says There’s No Beach In Doncaster?’ is out 16th September, and I suggest you indulge your inner-teen and have a listen

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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