Gigslutz Weekly Gig Guide 10.12.2013

Why hello kittens!  I come to you from inside my (faux of course) fur coat, for when the going gets cold, I get Huggy Bear.  So, one can only hope you went out and enjoyed last weeks rhythmic delights, but what to warm your cockles this week?  And could I have finally got into the festive spirit?  Well let’s find out…

Chic Gamine

When I think Canada, like everybody else I skip past Celine and Bryan and go straight to the vintage soul, obvs.  Chic Gamine are a hotly tipped 5 piece, with voices so warm and inviting they could be responsible for global warming.  Like it stripped back and cozy?  Go get down with these ladies, so toasty they’ve been thawing the winter olympics for 2 years now….

Chic Gamine play Leeds, Manchester and Dublin this week

Nine Black Alps

Fancy a more sweaty warmth?  Manchester’s gorgeous grungers are currently recording a fifth album, so you may even be able to catch a few new tunes when they play this week.  This gig celebrates ten whole years of Alps based awesomeness, so be sure to take your party hat.

Nine Black Alps play Gorilla, Manchester on December 14th

The Pogues

It wouldn’t be Christmas without tipsily telling your boss/friend/stranger that they’re ‘an old slut on junk’ along to their classic Christmas standard now would it.  The scrooge that I am though, I’d be holding out for a beautiful lament like ‘Dirty Old Town’, or dance like a crazy to ‘Fiesta’.  The gigs may have a more sombre tone due to the recent passing of guitarist Phillip Chevron, but one can be sure they’ll play a blinder in his honour.

The Pogues play Manchester, Glasgow and London over the next 2 weeks

Craig Charles

It’s Friday 13th, anything terrible could happen, pianos falling from the sky, RBS cash cards not working, anything.  So if I were you I’d make a withdrawal Thursday so you got some dollar in your pocket to go hibernate away from disaster with Craig Charles and guests.  His funk/soul/jazz/reggae/generally brilliant music nights are legendary.  And there’s no way you could be cold with tunes this sexy causing you to get close to somebody 😉 Birmingham, prepare to be thawed!

The Soul Food Project Presents Craig Charles is at the Hare and Hounds, Birmingham on December 13th

Kate Tittley

Kate Tittley

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