Gigslutz Writers’ Picks – September Highlights

September has certainly been a busy month at Gigslutz Towers and with an array of new releases, top gigs and talking points occupying our time. With this in mind we decided to get the Gigslutz editorial team to take their pick of their personal highlights of the month…

Elliott Homer – Features Editor/Grammar Pedant

Being unable to simply set Morgan Amalfitano’s goal for West Brom against Man Utd to music has made choosing a highlight unexpectedly difficult for this month. (For anyone wondering, the soundtrack would be John Williams’ music from ‘Superman’ obviously.) Kings of Leon and The 1975 both delivered great albums but I have to go with Manic Street Preachers’ ‘Rewind the Film’ for reminding me and everyone else with every new release why we love them. Erudite, melancholy and soulful, it has not left my car, stereo or brain since I bought it.

David ‘Jevon’ Ham – The Office Pest.

Primal Scream at the iTunes Festival. Once again the Scream showed the rest how it’s done, with Bobby a bundle of punk-fuelled energy resplendent in a rose pink fitted suit.

Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream performing on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury 2013

Jenna B Good – The Globetrotting Gigslutz Feisty Guru.

I didn’t understand the value of the Miley Cyrus circus until the ‘Wrecking Ball’ video. Now I think that wrecking ball parties should become a thing.

Allan Nersessian – Resident Hip Hop Head

Mine would be the Arctic Monkeys album ‘AM’. A return to form from the Sheffield lads and fantastic to see them embrace their early love of hip hop and R&B by flourishing the record with tight grooves and head-bopping rhythms. Whatever people might think of Alex Turner’s new hair-do or clothes, there’s no doubting that as a group they can write powerful yet intimate songs whilst making you want to shake your ass off on the dancefloor.

Amelia Ward – News Editor & Spikey Northern Bird (don’t mess with her)

For me the highlight of my September has to be meeting the mighty Mani! Member of one if my favourite bands and supplier of some of my favourite news this year, Mani made my month!


Mari Lane – Unsigned Music fiend

If the question of my “musical highlight” was merely what I have been listening to non-stop since being in possession of it, I’d have to be predictable and say that Arctic Monkeys’ AM’ has most certainly been my highlight of the month. However, as far as new music that I have found myself getting excited about goes, Eight Rounds Rapid’s double A-side, ‘Writeabout/Steve’ has outshone everything else I’ve heard.

With a venomous shot of post-punk buzz, pounding drums, and rapid, impassioned lyrics, ‘Writeabout’ is a fast-paced, anthemic storm of a song, whilst ‘Steve’ is filled with climatic, groovy riffs delivered charismatically by Simon Johnson (yes, Wilko’s son), and a strong, pumping bass line. In other words, both sides of this release are fantastically unique – an exciting cacophony of sound that should not pass you by.

Steven Aston – The Editor-type Person.

The September highlight for me is undoubtedly the Gigslutz exclusive on The Stone Roses “Mani News” which propelled the Gigslutz name into the national papers both home and abroad. International, continental indeed. September 16th also saw the 6th month anniversary of the relaunched ‘slutz so it’s fair to say we’ve come a long away in a short space of time. Big well done to Amelia for asking the important questions to the Man(i) himself. I’d also like to say thanks to all our contributors over the last month. Cheers!

Amy Bryant – New Music Editor & Future Mrs. Bowie

For me (and a whole load of others) it has to be HAIM’s debut album ‘Days Are Gone’. A breezy West Coast album that borrows from’70s Fleetwood Mac. In this case, you should believe the hype

So there you have it! Keep your eyes peeled on Gigslutz to see what October throws up…










Elliott Homer
Elliott Homer is an undisputed master of understatement, a black belt holder in mixed metaphors and long-time deserving of some such award for length of time spent chatting rubbish about music down the pub. Studies show prolonged exposure to his scribblings can cause migraines, hysterical pregnancy, night terrors and/or acne, yet seldom encourages readers to agree with the author, in fact quite the reverse, much to his eternal frustration.