Gorran channels Greta Thunberg in hopeful new single ‘Roses’

Gorran has been treating listeners to a spread of singles throughout the year and today we get the cherry on the cake with new single ‘Roses’. The alt/pop artist known for his delivery of passionate and addictive music has combined his love for vibrant sonic tones and luscious melodies with something which bleeds with meaning and depth. 

‘Roses’ carries a sense of emotional weight, with all four minutes and three seconds, imploring listeners to step up and make a change. The young musician gives a political and environmental stance through an impactful sonic odyssey. Packing a punch through an amalgamation of strong driving beats and swirling synths, Gorran’s vocals provide a hint of austerity, giving indication towards the important message behind the track. This isn’t just another pop song, this is a message that needs to be heard, this is an anthem for our generation. 

The making of ‘Roses’ was unlike anything Gorran has done before. The songwriter took a more avant-garde approach to the single, experimenting with a track he discovered by two US producers. Gorran explains, “Unlike my other songs, I found an instrumental on SoundCloud that was a remix by Laxo of a song produced by HRNK, and I instantly came up with the chorus topline over it. I made the song, and then reached out to both producers to ask what they thought and whether they were cool with me releasing it, and they both really liked it which was great!”  

‘Roses’ is a beautiful new contribution from the BRIT School graduate. Simultaneously giving fans another track to add to our playlists, whilst subtly making us think twice about our future. With each and every release, Gorran is advancing by the day.