Groove Armada unveil new album, ‘Little Black Book’, and new track, ‘Alright’

Alriiiiiight! Groove Armada have shared their new track ‘Alright’ and unveiled plans surrounding their new record.

Little Black Book, the new album from the pioneering duo, is set to feature eight brand-new tracks as well as remixes of ten iconic Groove Armada songs, by the likes of: Jaymo & Andy George, Pillowtalk and Kolsch.  The release is also accompanied by an official photo book.

The album, which currently lacks a release date, is part of Moda Blacks ‘Little Black Book’ series.

In a statement, Groove Armada said: “People were saying if you’re going to write new material you need to put it out on a major, get the band back together, unleash the machine,”

Controversially however, they continued: “But we don’t want to do that. We want to play and make house music, and that’s all.”

The eight-minute lead single from Little Black Book, ‘Alright’, can be streamed below.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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