Guns N’ Roses Legacy Continues to Grow After North American Tour

Formed in 1985, signed on with Geffen Records in 1986, Guns N’ Roses became one of, if not the biggest rock band of all-time, landing copious World Music, MTV Video Music, American Music, and Billboard awards. The California band’s legacy as one of the greats was secured a long time ago now, and yet, they continue to win over new fans and appease the older crowd with live events.

Most recently, Guns N’ Roses finished up the dates of the North America leg of their 2020 Tour, billed ‘We’re F’N Back! Following its conclusion, which took place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, frontman Axl Rose thanked everyone who attended their shows, with the band now looking to continue the tour with European dates on the horizon.

Even nearly three decades after the band’s prime, they can still sell out stadiums across the world, with their endearing legacy reflected in the sales and popularity of everything GNR.

The legend of Guns N’ Roses as the last true major rock band

Guns N’ Roses shot to fame in the late 80s, remaining a dominant force in popular music through to the early 90s. So strong were the personalities of the band and the scrutiny placed on them from the media that even a strong stint of perhaps less than a decade was mightily impressive. The golden years, so to speak, finished with the 1993 release of The Spaghetti Incident, after which, Slash and Duff McKagan departed for the first time.

Still, it was Appetite for Destruction (1987) that put Guns N’ Roses on the map, with it being referred to by many as the last true, unwavering rock album to reach the pinnacle of the music scene and pop culture. Even with the glorious album, it was the coverage of the band’s antics that most often caught the headlines, with Slash once saying that the issue with music journalists was that they’d rarely write about their music.

Not that it was needed – or wanted by Rose – in 2012, GNR’s official status as one of the all-time greats was secured when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since that year, the band reunited to go on tour, commencing with the aptly-named Not in This Lifetime… Tour from 2016 to 2019. Now, they’re in the midst of yet another global romp, spurred on by the continued fame of the band.

The overwhelming popularity of GNR

It’s impossible to overstate the affection that fans still have for Guns N’ Roses, including those who have come to discover the band through new mediums like YouTube and Spotify. Of course, it’s the older fans who tend to have the bigger sway when it comes to showing their devotion to the rock idols.

In March of this year, the white Gibson ES-175D guitar that Izzy Stradlin played on MTV in 1988 sold for $79,860 at an online auction. Fans just want more and more of the legendary band, despite their relative lack of activity in the recording studio. This ranges from buying memorabilia to engaging with licensed products such as their official slot game.

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As mentioned above, the new platforms of music continue to drive GNR fandom, despite them being in their prime in the late 80s and early 90s. Still, earlier this year, Sweet Child O’ Mine reached 1 billion streams on Spotify, and it ranks as the most viewed music video originally from the 1980s on YouTube. On top of that, November Rain is by far the most viewed music video from the 90s on the platform, too.

The interest in the band across the board continues to be colossal, which is why it was a viable option for them to re-release their Greatest Hits album last year, and for the first time on vinyl. The North American dates proved to be the best-selling events when tickets went on sale, and next, they’ll be crossing the Atlantic.

The show will go on for the titan of rock

There’s even more to come from Guns N’ Roses as they continue to see fans from around the world and even release new singles. Earlier this year, they released new tracks Absurd and Hard Skool, but most pressingly, Europe is on the horizon. Even though the dates have been pushed back a couple of times, the stadium shows are set to be huge.

Put down as the third leg of the 2020 Tour, the European run in June and July 2022 starts in Portugal, making its way north through the continent before heading eastwards, back to the Netherlands, France, and then over to Ireland and the UK. With a couple more stops in Germany, Italy, Austria, and Germany again, the tour won’t end there. From November 2022, it’s off to Australia and New Zealand.

Guns N’ Roses are already one of the most popular music acts of all time, with their continued presence in pop culture and on the live stage only continuing to grow the band’s legend.