How Does CBD Flowers Affect Your Appetite?

To continue living longer on earth, there are three ways you can do. Do Daily Routine Exercise, drink plenty of water, and eat well. The last one could be the most important part of the three, as appetite entails nutrition, and nutrition will determine if your body can last until your 90s. A balanced diet (read more) can be the key solution to the ever-shortening life expectancy of each and every country. But how can we utilize a balanced diet if there is no appetite, to begin with?

This is where cannabidiol inserts itself into our daily lives. Though it is no mystery that obesity is one of the most prevalent problems in our modern-day life, there is one other thing that often gets overshadowed: malnutrition. This condition can happen if you don’t eat the right amount of food, or if you don’t eat at all, which can be devastating to your body. It can mean getting long-term diseases and a lowered immune system, which doesn’t fare well in this pandemic.


How CBD Affects The Brain

CBD (cannabidiol) can be classified into a group of compounds commonly found in cannabis. These are called Phyto cannabinoids, and cannabidiol proves to be the safest and the most potent of its sister compounds. Compared to Tetrahydrocannabinol, which originates from marijuana and causes psychoactive effects on the body, cannabidiol gives you benefits without triggering you to get high. This is due to its very low THC and high CBD content.

Psychoactive effects happen to the brain the moment it can alter thought process, perception, behavior, and emotions. THC certainly fills the spot, but not CBD products, like those from Cheef Botanicals, a company assuring you with 100% THC-free products. These products can increase your appetite, calm your anxiety, or address other mental and physical problems. The potency of such effects can be determined by how concentrated cannabidiol is in their formula.

Phyto cannabinoids have a place in our system called the Endocannabinoid system. This is one of the major systems in our body that isn’t talked about as often in schools because of controversy. How this system works is simply by making sure everything in your body is in a state of homeostasis, or balance. This includes your heart rate when you’re having an anxiety attack or the levels of electrolytes when your body is in a state of starvation.

When you deprive your body of glucose, the state it becomes is metabolic acidosis, or more specifically called Starvation Ketoacidosis. SKA (link: happens when there is a buildup of ketones in your body due to its frequent use of stored fats. These fats are metabolized and create ketones, which accumulate and cause your body to have an imbalance state. Metabolic acidosis is dangerous because it can bring about many other diseases, like kidney damage.

To counter this, Cannabidiol via smoking can be a great way to stimulate your appetite. It affects your body directly by binding with the CB1 receptor, which is directly responsible for the nervous system. Once they have bonded, a signal goes to the brain, specifically towards the hypothalamus. There, it will give signals that will make your body perceive hunger, thus, making you eat more than your usual calorie intake.

However, take note that what you’re eating is important too. You have to know what a balanced diet is and how you’ll be able to achieve it.


A Balanced Meal

A balanced meal can typically be seen as your everyday plate. This plate is divided into four: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. These categories aren’t divided equally, as our body needs more of one and less of another. These are the types of food to eat in a balanced meal and the percentage they have on your plate.

Vegetables And Fruits

When we were small, we were encouraged to eat our fruits and vegetables. Today, the sentiment of our parents still stands true. Our body needs exactly ½ of the plate dedicated to fruits and vegetables. This is because fruits are jam-packed with much-needed vitamins and minerals, while vegetables provide fibre. Fiber is a great way to achieve a certain weight, and it acts as a broom in our intestines to sweep out any toxins.

The fruits you should be focusing on are oranges, apples, and other citrus fruits full of Vitamin C. As for vegetables, dark leafy greens have the most fibers in them.


Whole Grains

Whole grains have the same function as vegetables (though vegetables are concentrated in vitamins and minerals too). They act as the fiber of your diet, and one of the most important additions to your plate. Choose whole grains, such as whole wheat, barley, oats, quinoa, brown rice, and pasta made from such to have a milder effect on your blood sugar. Their counterparts, such as white bread and white rice are notorious for their high-glucose content.



Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles, and make sure you don’t waste away in your own skin. They help your wounds heal faster because of their collagen and amino acids, and proteins are also used to make hormones and enzymes. However, not every meat is healthy to partake. The healthier choices are fish, beans, nuts, and chicken breast, which have a lower fat content than pork, beef, and other parts of the chicken.

Also avoid processed meats, like sausage, bacon, and smoked meats. Not only are they unhealthy, but smoked meats have traces of carcinogen in them.


Others (Oils And Beverages)

Make sure to use the purest olive oil when searing or frying your meats and vegetables. Butter also needs to be avoided, as well as soda, caffeine, and anything that isn’t freshly squeezed fruit or water.