INTERVIEW: Anna Pancaldi shares new single ‘Peace’

Anna Pancaldi has recently released her newest single, ‘Peace’, an upbeat electric guitar led track, with instrumentation reminiscent of James Bay.

Pancaldi’s vocal range is impressive and full-bodied and adds a slightly jazzy dimension to the soft-rock Sunday morning slow-burner. She is renowned for an impassioned, low and almost sultry soulful voice, a matured Birdy, which ‘Brother’ particularly showcases. 

Interestingly, the female singer has recently been performing a lot of free entry shows, and, more impressively, shows in fan’s living rooms. This establishes her as someone who has a rich and deep fervency for music and the bridge it creates with artists and fans; refreshingly, she is not just on a commercial voyage. 

Anna spoke to Gigslutz about the immense power and personal fulfilment that comes from knowing her fans: 

My fans are so important for me as my career cannot exist without them! To write something that you hope connects with a stranger, that creates a moment in which they want to share with others and repeat that is a little bit of magic.’

“They also walk along the journey with you like an old friend, we all need that encouragement in such a competitive industry, so I am very grateful for them. Playing live is where I come alive most, face to face affirmation that you’re reaching people with the lyrics and melodies you’ve made.

So much of what we do in the industry is done remotely now, but touring is one of the few moments you can share not through a phone, laptop, or studio and see if it’s having its intended effect.  The free shows were a very kind gesture from my agents to build a fan base in new areas of the country, just for this tour though because I wouldn’t be able to survive if every tour was free.

These days artists are having to get much more creative and savvy with how to generate income in our industry to stay afloat. It was lovely to be able to gift people with that though and the rooms were full in each city, it was wonderful!”

Pancaldi has recently worked with Producer Matt Ingram (who’s also worked with the likes of Florence and the Machine), and, if ‘Peace’ is anything to go by, her upcoming singles seek to be very promising.