INTERVIEW: Apollo Junction

It has been four years since we first came across Apollo Junction and not only did their charismatic, indie-pop sound catch our attention, but also oddly enough footballer Gareth Bale publicly declaring his love for them. We had a much-needed catch up with the lads from Leeds to find out what they have been up to and what we can expect from their upcoming debut album.

Hi again guys. The first time we came across you was four years when you played the Dublin Castle, London. Can you all tell us in one word what the journey has been like since then?


How long has the debut album been in the making?

Well we have been writing since we were kids so our whole lives. But a proper answer…. I think we would say it’s been two years in the making. Crafting and recrafting the songs. We already have the next album written! Which is just madness!

Is the lead single ‘Begin’ a good hint of what fans can expect from the album?

We think so; smashing powerful guitars, strong synth lines, fuzzy bass, booming drums and massive vocals sums the album up quite nicely. Except for the love songs…
You spent 2017 writing and recording. After spending so much time holed up together can you tell us who has any annoying habits?

Breathing is probably most members annoying habit. To be honest, we are all best mates and we really are close but after looking at each other for so long I don’t think we can stand each other’s faces!

Will you be embarking on a tour for the new album? Where will you be hoping to stop off?

We sure will!
Here are all the places you can catch us so far, we’ll be adding loads more soon!
• 19th Mar – Match Day Live, Elland Road, Leeds
• 2nd May – Fibbers, York
• 4th May – Leeds United FC Player of the Year Awards, Elland Road

Was it difficult trying to fit in recording sessions, rehearsals etc around each other’s day to day lives?

Nah because this is what we live for. What could be more important than writing songs and creating music with your best mates. If we didn’t have this what would we all do, sit in our shed and make airfix models! This is what we think we were born to do! Anyway, trust us the scheduling was fine, managing each other’s egos now that was the tricky part!

During the songwriting process do you all draw inspiration from different musical influences?

We do, and we don’t. We are only ever playing what was in our Mam and Dad’s record collection. But we draw influence from each other. Whilst we all have similar core tastes, our differences are what make us unique when we get around to writing together. These are what create the interesting drum beats, or the wacky synths sounds that shouldn’t work but just do.

For those of you who support Leeds United, how does it feel to be regularly invited to play at the club’s stadium?

It’s incredible, to be supported by our local club and our city. We love Leeds and we thank them/it for all the support and help it gives us. We honestly hope for bands of other cities that their local team and city gets behind them too it’s nice, and it’s good for music. To be fair it’s amazing to be so well backed by anyone so please come along and join the ride!

You’re always very coordinated in your stage outfits – who’s tasked with that choice?
We just all turned up to a party wearing the same jacket…how awkward is that! We just thought it would work! Nah, we always try make ourselves look ace, that’s part of the fun. Dressing up to look as sh*t hot as the music you play!

You have a very dedicated fanbase – does it feel like you share your journey as a band with them?
Honestly, we are nothing without our fans. Without our fans we don’t know where we would be now. They are so loyal and so amazing. That’s why we always spend time at gigs talking to them, making sure they know who we are. We talk to them on the social media and love to see new faces at gigs so please add on the social media and come to a gig soon!

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Nicky Lee-Delisle

Nicky Lee-Delisle