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The Bedroom Hour are men of the people.  They look like your mates, they chat to you like old friends, and based on lead singer Stu’s mosey into the audience at the end of a recent Manchester set, they’re happy to hug it out as pals do.  In amongst all this normality is a rather extraordinary band, a band who by their own reckoning play every gig as if it’s as big as Wembley.  Having received a rather smashing 4/5 stars from our Sam Lightle for recent offering Hinterland, I recently caught the crew live at Night & Day Cafe in Manchester for their album launch party.  Playing a faultless and superbly polished set, it’s probably the only time I’ve seen the majority of the crowd filming the set on their phones.  Although this did ignite a little bit of my “why are you watching the screen not the stage you fool?” anger, I was rather fascinated by the captivation of the fans.  Clearly this is a group with something special about them – a following, a certain ja ne sais quoi… So I decided to ask them a few questions in the hope of getting to know this underground treat a little better.  And here are their answers…


First thing’s first lads, what we doing, what’s going on? 

We are great thanks, currently on tour – wait a minute I left the oven on, I’ll be back in a few days!!

We have just released our debut album, Hinterland, which has had an unbelievable response, we are truly humbled, and no one has spat at us in the streets so we are guessing people like it!!


Buuuuut you’re from West London, and the album launch is in Manchester.  It’s far more common for a band to throw their shindig closer to home… What’s Manchester got that London doesn’t?

London barred us due to the human rights legislation!

In all honesty we love the north! The music scene in Manchester is great, it’s full of real music fans, not people following a certain band because of what a magazine tells them is cool!

We think London has been ruined by dodgy promoters and extortionate costs to see an unsigned band! Plus with the amount of venues in the capital it’s hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time.


George Ergatoudis, Head of Music at Radio 1, said recently that the album was dead and everybody wants playlists now.  I personally think this is bullshit, but as a band on the verge of releasing a fan funded album, please share your thoughts.

Death to George! (Sorry George.) I think albums still have a place –  yeah it’s good to mix stuff up a bit, I always have the iPod on shuffle but now and again you wanna pull out a great album and listen to it from start to finish! Some albums mean nothing unless you listen in full! Take Abbey Road for instance!


So musically, where are you going with this album?  I once described you as ‘smokey melancholy’, would you say that’s fair cop (especially considering your name) or am I very wrong?

Smoking in your bedroom is never a good idea! We have been described as all sorts, including useless little c***s – seriously!  I think it’s for people to make there own decision but smokey melancholy sounds good to us!


With all the fan based support and a band that basically sweats new music, what’s the aim here – who do The Bedroom Hour want to be when they’re grown ups? 

When we grow up we want to be older!

We have some great things to announce later in the year and it’s pretty much down to all the support we have had along the way! Stay tuned folks.


Who is the dream Bedroom Hour collaborator, if you could have anybody on the record who would it be?

I’d say Elvis but then I would be shot! We admire bands like Doves and The Boxer Rebellion. So anyone that wants to work with us, God help them!


Tell me something we wouldn’t know about you guys, a fact or story that surprise us.

We tend to attract nutters, stalkers, and some manic that wants to kill us for being so shit, although he admits we are better than One Direction! A back handed compliment I suppose!  But we love them all, there’s an unhealthy appetite for Iron Bru and spiced rum in this band! Although don’t mix them together or you’ll be stuck in a revolving door for hours! (That never happened, honest.)


Thanks to letitts from leballs xxx


Kate Tittley

Kate Tittley

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