With their new EP ‘Powelines due for release this week, Gigslutz caught up with  Rob Ellis of Macclesfield’s finest – Cassia to find out what they have in store for us, how lockdown is treating them and whats next for the talented trio…

Hi Rob how are you and where are you in the world answering the questions?

Hey, good thanks! I’m currently in sunny macclesfield!

It’s good to be Macc! Your brilliant new EP, ‘Powerlines’ is set for release. Can you tell us about the record?

Ah thanks a lot, yeah so it was written between South Africa and Berlin. we all moved out to Berlin at the very beginning of 2020 and it was amazing to have a change of environment to write new music in. It was almost all written/recorded in lockdown so I definitely think that has had an effect on the themes of the EP, we didn’t really think about it until we listen back to it.

The video for powerlines is great! who’s idea was that?

Yeah so that was kind of mixture of all of us, Leff had this idea that us being in a car would just suit the song for some reason and we took massive influence from films like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The tune itself was written at a time when we were thinking back to when we first learned to drive. That feeling of freedom was so different to the situation we found ourselves in – not being able to go anywhere, so it felt like the perfect antidote video to all the stuff going on.

The EP preceeds a new album due in the Spring Can you tell us anything about what we can expect on the album?

So, it’s a not actually an album coming next but another EP, this year and then most likely an Album after that. But yeah, we’re incredibly proud and excited for what’s to come. We recorded the whole thing ourselves which was intense but it gave us a new level of creative control in the music. We were able to take our time and I think that reflects in the songs.

How have you found the process of trying to make music during lockdown?

Weird but also incredibly productive, when you’re not allowed to do anything else and you live together you can motivate each other to write every day. There is so much time to have 100% focus on making the best stuff you can make so from one aspect is amazing. The only problem is that your experiences quickly dry up so i found i started writing a lot about the same themes, time, distance, stillness and when we started showing each other what we’d been writing it was very similar with the other guys.

Is the current situation we all find ourselves in reflected in the new songs?Yeah i think so, subtly and in a way that is intended as an antidote to what’s happening.

Have you been able to take any positive impacts of being in a lockdown for the band?

Yeah we have become a lot closer as friends, I think we all understand each other’s characters so much better having lived so closely with each other for a year or so. We’ve been able to be really productive, and learn loads about what we do.

As a renowned live act – how frustrating is it for you not to be able to be playing live?

Yeah there is a building feeling that is getting steadily more intense. At first, we genuinely didn’t mind the break because we had spent the last 3-4 years touring almost all the time, but since last november time when we finished the second EP, and we were told it’s likely that our April tour would be moved back I think we started really missing it. We have so much new music already and by the time we’re likely to gig we could almost play a new set, I genuinely believe that some of this new music will go down better than anything we’ve done before live, so we’re all itching to get out there.

One covid is out the way – what are the plans for the band?

I think I’m going to speak to our manager and see if we can have at least a week to go and normalise as best as we can. Maybe a decompression week.. i really want to go snowboarding, have a beer with mates in public, watch shit tv at my friends house, go out for a meal with the all our families because we usually do that at the end of the year and it’s so chill because you can properly reflect on the year. Then back to musicing, I reckon it’ll be split between a tour bus (hopefully) and finishing our second album!