Interview: Elly Bailey meets Allusinlove

Fresh from their early Sunday set, Allusinlove, made up of Drey, Connor, Jemal and Jason joined Elly Bailey at Download festival for a chat about band names, their latest album and supporting Muse.


You guys were one of the first bands to play today, how did it go?

Drey: It’s always strange playing that early in the day, but the tent was packed, everyone loved it.

Connor: There’s always a lot of love at Download, I think just because at festival people just want to go and see music, even if they don’t really know who it is.


You were called Allusondrugs and are now called Allusinlove, what motivated this change?

Connor: We just stopped taking drugs basically.

Drey: We were actually teetotal the whole time we’ve been a band, that’s something people don’t realise about us…

Connor: I barely even drink anymore, to be honest, life is my drug! Life and love.

Drey: We wanted to change the name back in 2014 but we didn’t and instead kept noting down the problems that came with it, things like parents not letting fans buy tickets, limited radio play, or only after 9pm.

Jason: We got played by so many BBC radio stations but only after the watershed. It was alright but I think people assumed we were going to be hooligans.

Drey: Sometimes the name worked in our favourite because it stood out but we wanted a band name that was more accessible.

Connor: It seemed like a shame for people to not listen to us because of the name.

Jason: When we started we didn’t realise it would be such a problem…


You released your debut album, ‘It’s Okay To Talk’, this year, what inspired this title and the theme of the album?

Drey: We went through a lot of mental struggles and one of our songs was called “It’s Okay To Talk” and when we were going through album titles that one just kept jumping out, it seemed like the best name to sum up what we’d been going through. Having no one to speak to and staying alone when you’re feeling down is never a good idea, if you’re feeling shit it’s always better to talk to someone.


How does it feel to be supporting Muse next week?

Drey: I think it’s ace that whoever’s incharge of picking out supports is aiming for bands like us, like they’ve also had Dinosaur Pile-Up, Swmrs, it’s great that they’re giving bands our size a chance to play arenas.


Jason: We’re also going on tour with Skunk Anasie, which is going to be amazing.


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