Interview: False Heads talk storage units, festivals and their new album

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I got invited to a False Heads rehearsal to interview the band but I definitely wasn’t expecting to be picked up from Upminster tube station and driven to a storage unit in the outskirts of Essex, (which sounds like the beginning of a horror movie but it turns out it was all innocent).

Barney: I think we need a new space…

Jake: I’ve been thinking that too, I think we’ve drawn the life out of this space with the album. We need somewhere a bit tidier and a bit more professional.

Why did you decide to rehearse here?

Barney: It was our old drummer’s space, his drum kit, he put in all the carpet, but when he moved back home we took over.

IMG_4378 IMG_4383

(Shout out to Barney for leaving before we remembered to take some photos)

You’ve been doing a lot of festivals over the summer, how was Camden Rocks last month?

Luke: It was really good; Camden Rock’s is always good apart from that year we played that café.

Jake: It’s a café that’s not in Camden… I don’t think they’re even using it as a venue this year.

Luke: Camden Rocks was a perfect example of a classic English crowd. You have to sort of win them over and then by the end they’re going mad. Which is a good exercise if you’re in a band, working to win them over.


You guys are playing Tramlines tomorrow, are you looking forward to it?

Luke: Yeah we are

Jake: What’s great about Tramlines is you know you’re going to walk out the pub your playing and the streets going to be filled with people who are absolutely pissed.

Barney: Fair play to Sheffield, all the locals come out to have a jolly and watch gigs.

You guys are playing a few European festivals this year and you played a few last year, do you find that you’re more popular overseas?

Barney: I think the audiences are more up for it in Europe, we played the Czech Republic a few weeks ago, 11:20 slot and they were going mad. We’re not that widely known in the UK and I think people are more up for bands they know, whereas overseas you kind of get more of a chance because the majority of bands playing are unknown to them. So as long as it’s good, and if it’s energetic they’ll get into it.


You’ve been recording your album, can you tell me anything about that?

Jake: It’s all recorded; we just need to get it mastered.

Luke: It’s coming out early next year, we’ve got a few support slots lined up that we’re yet to announce and will probably do a couple of headline shows but we’re planning on touring extensively when the album gets released.

Jake: Most of it’s new material, but there will be a couple of single tracks on there but rerecorded. We came back from tour and wrote a load of new tracks but also went through the old ones and decided which singles we wanted on the album but sort of readjusted them, so there’s enough different on them to sort of justify them being on the album.

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