INTERVIEW: Fizzy Blood

Before Fizzy Blood’s dizzying set at London’s Boston Music Rooms, Gigslutz had the chance to catch up with guitarist Paul Howells and bassist Ciaran Scanlon, to chat future album plans, not being pigeon-holed and….Tinder….

Gigslutz – Listening to your music, is it fair to say you have a lot heavier sound than a lot of upcoming bands out there?

Paul Howells – Yeah, I think that’s fair to say. I think when we started out, we were much more of a rock band. As we got older, our tastes changed. I think you can get bored doing the same thing. We’ve been a band now for five years, so I think we have just naturally progressed towards that side of music. We’re now starting to be considered more of an indie band. It is just a transition really.

GS – If you were to describe your sound or pigeon-hole it, what would you say?

P – We don’t. It kind of goes against what we sort of believe.

GS – So in terms of writing tunes and finding a style, is it more down to what feels right?

P – Yeah, man – definitely! We do things in batches and write loads of stuff. Different batches sound different. Our new stuff is different from our last EP. We don’t ever sit down and say: “Right, this is gonna sound like this”, we just write and whatever comes out, comes out.

GS – You have had a lot of interest from BBC Introducing as of late and with a recording session at Maida Vale today. Is part of the writing process taken up by being conscious of what will get you radio play?

Ciaran Scanlon – When we finished writing ‘Pink Magic’, it sounded like it would fit radio, but only after we finished. We never have that thought in the back of heads when we are writing though.

P – I mean, it is nice to have radio play! We really appreciate all of the attention we have had. But, it is never an immediate goal [to get on the radio].

GS – Is radio something that is still important to bands, in the age of streaming?

P – I think so, yeah! Radio is still a traditional platform and it can be great for people who aren’t actively following a genre or into a subculture, so it can help bands reach a new audience.

GS – You mentioned that you have been going for five years now. It is crazy how many people are not aware of how long bands are working hard. Has it felt like a long journey for you, or has it suddenly gone BANG?

P – For us, it has been a slow progression. I guess, for a lot of people, it seems that we have come out of nowhere. Most bands tend to build themselves for a long time. This is our third time back here [at the Boston Music Rooms]. First time, we were support, second time we were main support and now we are headlining! It is a slow progression.

GS – Your Summer of Luv EP shows your heavier side, but the Pink Magic EP has different types of songs. Is that demonstrating your experimental side?

P – Yeah, for sure. Each song on that EP are kind of feeling out different ways we could go.

GS – Talking of Summer of Luv…how was your summer in the heatwave and playing Reading & Leeds?

C – It was great! The past two summers, we have been growing and growing with festivals. There is no other way to describe it…it was a top summer with a load of top gigs!

GS – Back to Luv….if the band had a Tinder profile, what would the bio say?

-Long pause from both of the boys-

C – Errrrrm….Unzipped and Ready!

GS – Nice! Direct and to the point…you have to sell yourself! Moving swiftly on. How important is it for bands to carry on playing regularly, into Autumn?

P – For us, we have been touring for what feels like a very long time. We are on the cusp of being ready to do an album. These headline dates will be our last for a long time. It will now be us getting off the road, going away and writing.

GS – An album is in the works, then?

C – We have a few ideas yeah! We need to go away and flesh out a load of ideas. Towards the end of year we will have a vague idea…it all takes time.

P – We have a set of demos at the minute that are all super rough but there is something there. We don’t want to rush.

GS – It is definitely important for bands to take their time. Is allowing time for something to grow important to you as a band, rather than flying into stuff?

P – Absolutely! We are comfortable with how we have built up a loyal following with our EP releases so I think we will take our time and come back when we are ready.

GS – Last night, Wolf Alice won the Mercury Prize. There have been some people suggesting that the Prize should be used for bands that need the money more. What are your thoughts on that?

P – Everyone needs the money, really! I can kind of see the argument for giving it to someone who needs it more.

GS – What about the nominees? There were some established names on there [Florence & The Machine, Noel Gallagher, Arctic Monkeys].

P – On the awards side of it, I mean, it’s just a fucking award, who cares, I think [too much can be made of it].

GS- Just to end….some quick fire ‘either, or’ questions for you. Firstly, Reading or Leeds Festival?

P & C – Leeds!

GS – Spoons burger and a pint or Five Guys?

P – Spoons! Every time!

GS – Kaiser Chiefs or Pigeon Detectives?

C – Oooh! Kaiser Chiefs

P – Neither!

GS – Leather or denim?

C – Denim

P- Leather

GS – Fizzy Blood get a number 1 album or England win the World Cup?

P&C – Number one album!!

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Words: Luke Scanlan