Ahead of their very special stripped back acoustic show for Original Penguin next Friday we catch up with Bradford’s finest Fling, to find out what the lads have in store….

Hello! How are you and where are you answering these questions today?

Billy: We’re sat at home where me, Jack and Jake live together, sat in my bedroom, just chilling, having a few beers.  

For readers unacquainted with the band, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Jack: We’re all mad for it. Mad for anything!

Billy: Lust fo’ life

You’re playing a special acoustic set at the Original Penguin artist of the month event. What can fans lucky enough to be in attendance expect from the show?

We’ve just been in the studio all last week, and we’re really looking forward to trying out some new songs. It’s going to be really fun recreating them acoustically live, we’re going to throw in some other bits, bobs and instrumentation. So yeah, a couple of new songs, then our classics – it’s gonna be great!

How do you find playing acoustic as opposed to electric? 

Jake: It’s just a bit more warm and cosy and nice! Yeah?

Original Penguin is all about being originality. What makes Fling original?

Billy: I think what makes us original is the fact that we, I know everybody says this, but I feel like we’re not trying to be too serious. There’s a lot of serious bands, too much moodiness, you know “I’m so morngy”. We’re all about YEEEAAAH, having a good time, it’s not forced, its original.

Jack: We’re not faux. We live and breathe what we do. And at the end of the day, come chat to us, we are the real deal. End of. We’ll be your best friend or your worst enemy.  

As we are promoting a fashion brand, who is the best dressed member of the band?

Jake: Me.

Billy: Me. Ha!

Jack: We’re all equally best dressed because we all borrow clothes from each other. We all have our own unique take on fashion, some of us a little bit more eccentric and flamboyant than others, then some of us are a little more laid back and in the groove. At the end of the day, when we’re together we’re a unit. If one of us looks bad, then we all look bad. If we all look good, then we feel great.

Apart from Original Penguin (Obviously) what is your favourite clothing label?

Billy: We just get stuff from charity shops really!

Jack: My favourite clothing label is ‘The Wardrobe of Bill.’

Jake: Yeah, the Bill label!

Jack: Bill is our drummer for those of you who don’t know.

We’ve seen comparisons to The Beta Band, Primal Scream and The Fat White Family – pretty good names! How would you personally describe your sound?

Jack: We’re better than them. Simple as. Give us a couple of years and we’ll be there, trust me. I don’t know where these comparisons come from, people just compare stuff because that’s how they get their heads round something.

What inspired you to form the band?

Billy: We’ve always been in bands. There’s not been anything that’s inspired us to think ‘yeah let’s be in a band’, its just we’ve always loved doing it and it has always been that case. We’re friends and we’ve always been friends, but in different bands.

Jack: I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say, we currently work in jobs that aren’t for us and it’s either be in a band and do something we love and be happy with our life, or be miserable in our current jobs. It’s a no brainer!   

What other new bands are there out there that you would recommend our readers listening to?

Jack: There are a few current bands I like, our mates play in good bands. Trudy and the Romance, Christy Sherry, Don Gonzo – all good, check them out! Other than that I’ve just been listening to Post Malone…

What’s next for the band – do you have any album / tour plans in the pipeline?

Billy: FLINGLE BELLS! A Christmas gig in Bradford – December 16th.

We’re playing for Penguin, then supporting Judas in London, we’ve got ‘That’s Nice’ video coming out next week. And then just music, and probably some nice fun stuff over Christmas with the whole acoustic vibe. And yeah, then back in yer face for 2018.


Fling play Original Penguin, Covent Garden on Friday 1st December 2017, it’s free entry for those who get there first and there are even some free drinks provided by JagermeisterUK! Doors 6pm.

Get involved at Original Penguin, 49 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9LN