INTERVIEW: Four Of Diamonds

Ahead of their highly anticipated live outing at Alex James’s Big Feastival in August, we caught up with Sophia, Caroline, Yasmin and Lauren of Four Of Diamonds to find out what’s in store…

Hello! How are you today and where are you answering the questions?

Sophia: Heyyy! Not to make you jealous but I’m currently sunbathing in 30 degree heat…in Hyde park would you believe!

Is it true all of the band now live together? What is a day like in the FOD household?

Sophia: We lived together for 2 years, and were quite possibly the best 2 years of our lives! We’ve recently all moved into our own places. It’s a bit weird not having each other around literally 24/7, we’re all still going through an adjustment period. But we spend so much time together anyway so it’s almost like we never moved out/

You released your new single ‘Walk Away’ in May, how have you found the reaction to the song?

Sophia: It’s been unreal. We performed our headline show last week and I could literally hear the crowd singing the lyrics to Walk Away back to us!! Gave me goosebumps. We’ve been hearing it out and about recently too which is always such a crazy thing to experience. We have some amazing people supporting us and without them it wouldn’t be the same.

You are due to play the Big Feastival in August, are you looking forward to the show?

Caroline: Absolutely, we’re SO excited  We’re having the best summer performing at amazing festivals and can’t wait to sing at the Big Feastival, alongside some incredible artists too!

For anyone who hasn’t seen FOD live before, what can they expect from the live show?

Caroline: We love bringing our harmonies, singing some real upbeat songs and making sure the crowd feels our energy. Performing is our favourite thing to do and we’re going to bring the party!

You only started playing live last November was it a daunting experience? 

Caroline: I guess it was a little daunting at the start because we hadn’t played live in so long before this and we didn’t know how people would react to our new songs, but we were so overwhelmed by the amazing response and feedback we received. We’ve loved every show we’ve ever done since. It’s the best part of our job!

Is there anyone else on the line up you’re going to be watching at The Big Feastival? –
Yasmin: Yesss of course! There’s so many great acts on the lineup, but personally I can’t wait to see Rudimental!

What are your top three tips for attending a festival?-  
Yasmin: Drink lots of water! Bring a bobble for your hair haha and enjoy every moment.

What is your favourite festival memory? 
Yasmin: There’s been SO many this summer, but a particular favourite was meeting Lionel Richie at a recent London festival, that was incredible and such a ‘pinch me’ moment! He was so lovely and gave us some really good advice, we were chatting for ages!

What are your thoughts on gender inequality at festivals?

Lauren: This is what we are here for!! We need to bring back that girl power we had in the 90’s when we were flooded with girlbands in the charts, from Destiny’s Child to Sugababes, Atomic Kitten, Spice Girls!!! People have a perception that girlbands are constantly against each other, when it’s actually completely the opposite. There are so many huge female bands and the world needs more powerful women!

What is next for the band, can we expect the album soon, a tour to go with it perhaps?

Lauren: Yes we are working on an album!! We want everything to come at the perfect time so when we feel like the time is right we will then move forward with it and drop an album. We’ve just done another headline show in London and would LOVE to do another headline tour in the future. Performing is my favourite part of it all, it’s such a high and watching people sing back your songs is just the dream!

Finally do you have a message for your fans coming to see you at the Big Feastival?

Lauren: We can’t wait to put on a show for you guys. Hopefully whether you’re a fan of us or if you’ve never heard of us you can sing along and have a dance and a good time!!!


The Big Feastival takes place Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th August. For more info and tickets click HERE