Interview: HIMALAYAS talk a summer of festivals and new music

Hi, how’s it going?
– It’s really good actually, I think for the first time in a while for us we’re really excited about how the future looks. We can’t wait for people to hear new songs and everything that we have in store for the next year.
You’ve had a very busy summer, playing some very big festivals including Reading Festival, Mad Cool Festival and The Strokes day of All Points East, how’s that been? Do you have a particular favourite festival that you’ve played? (Did you get to meet The Strokes?).
– We’ve been really lucky to have the opportunity to play these huge shows. All Points East was a lot of fun, we didn’t get to meet The Strokes though! I think Mad Cool was a big highlight for us. We played to thousands in 40 degree heat, We watched Iggy Pop side of stage and even had a drink with Lewis Capaldi at the bottomless bar. Reading and Leeds will be special though, it’s a dream come true to play the festival republic stage. We’ve seen so many of our favourite bands on there!
You’ve announced your latest single The Masquerade, out on 31st October, and it has been receiving a lot of radio play. What was the reasoning behind putting the song out for radio play so ahead of it’s release? Are you trying to build hype around the song? 
– It wasn’t intentional to be honest. We thought it wouldn’t get picked up till closer to the time, it got its first play within days of handing it to our PR guy (shout out to Radio X) . I think because we’ve been quiet for a long time, as soon as somebody caught wind of it, everyone else wanted to play it. The feedback has been great so far! We may even give everyone more before the release date.

You’re back playing in London on 24th September at The Fiddlers Elbow in Camden, are you excited to be back in the big city? Do you find you guys go down well here?
– We always have great shows in London. It’s one of our favourite cities to play, it’s amazing to see how much our crowds have grown and how dedicated people are to listen to our music. We’ve had people fly from mainland Europe to see us in London at shows!
Is there anything else you want to add?
– Keep an eye on our socials for some tour dates we hope to be announcing soon.. The Masquerade comes out on October 31st. The soundtrack to your Halloween and Brexit!
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