Interview: Hourglvss, This Feeling Alive Tour with Red Stripe and Scott’s

Hourglvss, made up of Sophie and Katie are about to embark on their first-ever tour with This Feeling and their first tour ever. Sitting down at The Boogaloo in Highgate, along with Harry from their live band, here’s what we got chatting about:

So you guys are Hourglvss, but you’ve replaced the A with a V, why is that?

Sophie: Basically we just couldn’t get the handle on twitter

Katie: Yeah, well not just twitter, just any online domain, but I quite like it. I like creating a bit of confusion in the world.

Sophie: But with the V in the new logo we’re going to make it look like an hourglass.

Harry: Some subtle branding

You’ve said online that the This Feeling Alive Tour is your first-ever tour, how does it feel to have your first tour be such a big one?

Sophie: I don’t think we would have thought about going on a tour this year, because we’d only been gigging since May, but George rang and asked if we wanted to join! This Feeling’s given us the opportunity to do it before we’d even thought about it which is really exciting.


Do you refer to yourselves as a two-piece band with a live band or a 5 piece band?

Harry: Yeah, it’s like they’re the artists and we support them.

Sophie: But it’s more than that now, getting a live band has been like bringing in a family.

Katie: And individually, all the members that play live with Hourglvss each bring a different element and a different style of music.

Sophie: And everyone’s from different musical backgrounds, so it’s really nice to get a mix of all their qualities into one band.

Katie: We definitely identify the band now as a 5 piece band because at the end of the day without these musicians we wouldn’t be able to play these shows. And we’re hoping the next EP we want all our musicians to get involved.

Sophie: Yeah it’s not just session players, it’s people that really want to be in the band, we’re really good friends.

Harry: We don’t turn up and sit in silence; we all have a genuinely good time together.


Your new single is being released in October, could you tell me a bit about that please?

Sophie: Our next single we’re releasing it 3rd October and it’s called Dead Man’s Hand. And it’s coinciding with the tour which is cool because we can play it live, we can big it up. It’s also really cool because with Dead Man’s Hand it’s very much a duet between me and Katie and it shows off our different voices, and I’m so excited for everyone to hear it.