Interview: Little Triggers

Ahead of a gig at Putney’s Half Moon pub, we had a word with Tom Hamilton, lead singer of Little Triggers about pre-show routines and surviving life on the road?

Tell us a bit about the band

We’re a four piece rock and roll outfit from Liverpool who like to play proper loud.

You guys have cited the likes of Steve Marriot, Jimmy Page, Marc Bolan and the Beatles as influences- how did you get into older musicians?

It’s sort of all around you, in films and on the telly. I’ve always been attracted to the older tunes without really having a proper sense about beat music or blues when I was a kid. I think it sounds more honest. Not to say we don’t like a bit of the modern gear. It’s just a bit hard to ignore the likes of the Beatles and Jezza and the Pacemakers with The Cavern on your doorstep. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of Steve Marriott?

And what about playing music? Was it something you always had planned?

Not really. I used to be well into algebra and that before I heard Sergeant Pepper. But after sticking that on the turntable, I was like fuck all this calculus business!

We’re coming up to festival season: who would be on your dream line-up to play alongside?

Tough question that. I suppose you’d have to kick off in the afternoon with a bit of Marvin Gaye then stick The Doors on as the sun was going down. Then put Hendrix onstage and afterwards The Jam to get everyone going, with us headlining obviously.

You guys are playing in London on Thursday, but you’re based in Liverpool. What are your tips for being on the road with each other?

Don’t let your keyboard player get hold of the aux cable on the way down. Otherwise you are in for four hours of Poison and ‘80’s Rod Stewart flops.

And what about preparing for/unwinding after shows? They’re quite raucous, what happens if you just aren’t feeling it?

We’ve not really got a pre-show routine, no yoga or doing your scales on the bog. We just sort of disappear down the pub then float back when the support bands come on. In terms of unwinding, it depends where we are playing. If it’s not Liverpool  we just get a few cans, jump in the car and stick The Kinks on.  If it’s in town however, you can normally spot me and Crawford (the keyboard player) still out three days later. I’ve never been into the idea of ‘not feeling’ a gig. Just get up and do your fucking job innit!

You recently went to Beijing, too, which is huge! Where’s your dream destination as a band and why?

I suppose America would be a nice one. Would be great to cut a record at Sun Studios in Memphis and play in New Orleans and all round the Mississippi Delta. And a visit to Chicago to the home of Chess Records on South Michigan Avenue. Love a bit of Muddy Waters me.  

Any new music tips for us? Who should we be listening to?

Errr, The Cheap Thrills and Red Rum Club are both boss.

And finally, what have you got planned for the rest of 2017?

We’ve got our debut EP coming out in the next month or so and we are planning some dates around the UK to support the release. So keep an eye on our social media.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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