Following the release of his EP Things Will Be in November, and ahead of a year that promises even more exciting releases, we caught up with Mar, the Dutch multi-instrumentalist set to take the world by storm, to find out what he’s got planned…

Happy New Year! How’s 2018 treated you so far?

Hey, Happy New Year to you too. I’m good!

You ended 2017 pretty triumphantly with the release of Things Will Be, but what was the highlight of the year?

Thank you, I had a couple highlights actually. It’s quite hard to choose one. 2017 was very good to me. The creation and release of the Things Will Be project, working on my father’s old motorcycle and touring with my uncle through France and moving to a beautiful new house. As well as my personal and artistic growth.

Speaking of Things Will Be, it’s been described as the sonic equivalent of a glass of red wine – but what would you recommend drinking while listening to the EP?

I’m not really a wine drinker, so I would say a good whiskey. Or a nice cup of tea.

There’s a sort of sombre beauty to it, is this a sound that will follow you into the new year or have you got different directions planned?

I think I want to explore this sound a bit more. So yes I do think I’ll take Things Will Be as a inspiration for the album.

You’re a super-talented multi-instrumentalist, but if you could only bring one instrument into 2018 what would it be?

I think the guitar would be the instrument of choice.

By the sounds of it you grew up constantly surrounded by music – was it ever an option to not go into music or was it always the plan?

I do remember when I was young I wanted to be other things, and seeing my father struggle with his finances, so there were times I didn’t want to be a full time musician because of fear of not making money. But when I felt I had to make a choice, it was very straight forward of pursuing a career in music.

And finally, what can we expect from you in 2018?

A new EP with my new trio setup. It’s very new so were not 100% on the name of the band yet, but I love the music we’ve created thus far. I’ll be working on my debut album, new singles and videos, and I’m looking forward doing more shows, meeting people.

This Will Be is out now.
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