INTERVIEW: Michael Robert Murphy speaks!

INTERVIEW: Michael Robert Murphy speaks!

The Wicked Whispers singer-songwriter explores two beginnings over 10 years apart on a very special collaboration with AV8 Records. Featuring the celebrated debut solo EP Metamorph with 6 stunning exclusive never before heard rough cut demo tracks, previously lost 10 years ago now found, remastered and restored under the title Lost In Time (Vaults Volume I).

The deluxe pack comes with a signed rare pull out Michael Robert Murphy timeline poster with all lyrics and credits from Sides A and B. Metamorph – Redux is the essential collectors deluxe edition and is limited to just 125 copies.

Here we have Michael speaking exclusively to Gigslutz about this breath-taking release:

Hi Michael, what prompted the rebirth of the Metamorph EP?

On talking about my debut album in development AV8 Records were keen to do a special release ahead and we started talking on ideas. I noted the shame of the Metamorph – EP never being pressed on Vinyl. AV8 Records asked if I had any lost material, then funny enough Toby Virgo from The Wicked Whispers reached out to say he had found a bunch of lost demo’s I’d lost 10 years earlier. The Universe Answered! So side B is a selection of those lost recordings released for the very first time!

Did AV8 records approach you about doing a vinyl release?

Yes, they reached out to discuss doing a specialist release as the debut album is still in production.

When writing the material that appears on the EP were you listening to any specific music that might have influenced your writing?

For the first time no, The EP came from a really genuine and vulnerable place of emotion where I had no influence or plan. It was; record the songs and build the music and it will go where it goes. This is the first time I’d approached a project this way. The lost songs however is the opposite, Neil Young, Gene Clarke, David Crosby, The Byrds, John Lennon, they are all there.

Are there any other Wicked Whisper tracks in the archive that didn’t get to see the light of day at the time of the band?

Yes, there’s a load more and then there’s all the demo versions that became The Wicked Whispers songs, some of which I even massively prefer and sounding very different. I’m planning on releasing these as a full lost demo and rarities album next year also.

I would like to focus some attention on Out Of Sight, a simply mind boggling good tune, full of psych wonderment, lyrics to day dream to and a chord structure straight out of the top draw. How did the beginnings of this tune come about?

It literally flew out of me, took about an hour to write and then I did a demo on my iPhone garage band. Alec Brits who produced Metamorph then helped me put the band sound around it and i’m still super proud. It has my distinctive guitar sounds and solos over it and most of the others too.

Who plays on the track? Where was it recorded?

It was recorded in The Cabin Studios at Sort Rehearsals Liverpool (The Baltic Market area). Producer Alec Brits is on Drums, I do guitars and vocals, Scot Poley additional guitars, Chris Howards on keys and Etienne Girard on Bass

What prompted the David Letterman video?

We had a poor treatment, just rocked up at Toxteth TV and done all the footage of me then Covid happened. We didn’t know what to do as we were locked down so we thought sod it, have fun and lets take the mick out of myself for the first time. We tried the idea of me oddly being a time traveller having played the David Letterman show 25 years earlier. Its no Forest Gump for effects but it I think its tongue in cheek enough to work.

What are you favourite tracks on the EP?

Dry Those Tears. Its hard to get this close to the bone and have other people resonate

What are your own musical plans for the future?

So next year comes the demos and rarities album and then the big one my debut solo album. This vinyl campaign has really kickstarted things again so excited to for super busy 2024!!!

Will you be playing any gigs out of Liverpool at some point?

I’ll be doing Wax and Beans in Bury Friday Nov 24th, exclusive to those who buy a vinyl from their store. Cant wait for that. Next year I’m hoping to do a load more to promote the debut album, maybe in that same vein.

Finally, what’s on your turntable at present?

The Coral – Sea Of Mirrors and If I Could Only Remember My Name, David Crosby

Metamorph -Redux can be pre-ordered via the following link 

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