Interview: October Drift

How are you?

I’m good thanks, I’m currently in the Isle of Skye up in Scotland, our drummer Chris is on his honeymoon so we have a week off, so I headed north with a friend.


As a band you’ve had a pretty amazing summer, what’s been your highlight?

It’s been nice to get new music out over the summer and all the festivals really, I don’t know which was the best one. Maybe the Noel Gallagher gig in Norwich, we didn’t get to meet him though.


You’re going on a Autumn UK tour, is there anywhere you’re particularly excited to play?

Manchester’s selling really well so that will be a good one. And Sheffield’s kind of a home away from home for us. We’ve found for our band at least we’ve maybe found it a bit easier up north. And Exeter is kind of like a hometown gig for us so that’ll be fun. But I’m also excited to visit some places we haven’t played before.

For you’re live performances, you put on a proper show, you climb onto things, walk through the audience, is that how it’s always been or did that gradually happen throughout your time as a band?

It gradually happened, after playing so maybe gigs where people may not be paying attention; we wanted to put on a show where we could get people to pay attention, literally walking straight up to them. We always try to one up each show and make the next one even better. Sometimes we do an acapella moment, but we judge it on how the show is going before we launch into it. Sometimes if you haven’t got an engaged audience then singing acapella can almost ruin the set. So you’ve just to judge it in the moment.


Could you tell me a bit about your new music?

We released a single in July which was the first single released through Physical Education records that we recently signed to. And then we’ve got the second single coming out on 4th October, looking forward to getting that out which coincides with the tour and we’re going to film a video for it next week.