Following the release of the brilliant album ‘No Friend Of Mind’, Pete Wilkinson brings his side project AVIATOR to Liverpool’s Bridewell for a special one off show this weekend. Ahead of the gig we caught with the man himself.

Hello Wilko! You’ve recently released your new album – ‘No Friend Of Mind’ – can you tell us a bit about the album?

The idea behind ‘No Friend of Mind’ is a comment on how as a population/society we seem to be online 24/7. I include myself in this and it troubles me a great deal. A loss of discovery, in an organic sense. Intuition and joy all seem to disappear once connected to various appliances. iPhones, laptops etc. The joy of holding a Vinyl record on a Saturday afternoon all but seems to have vanished. Online equals No friend of Mind.

The pre-orders of the CD sold out – that must have been a great feeling? 

Yeah man! Pre orders of the physical copy sold out really quickly. Download still available. It feels fucking awesome. There’s nothing better than people’s support and enthusiasm for a project. It made the process special.

Do you have a favourite track on the album? 

Difficult question. It changes so I’m going for my favourite track of the day, ‘Promise’. It’s Slight leaning towards a political comment. With the current climate of politics it could be relevant.

You have the launch coming up at the Bridewell in Liverpool – what can we expect from the live show? 

Yeah! 1st AVIATOR full band gig of the year. And the last too, haha. Unless we get offered something outta this world. What can we expect? Well! An interpretation of the new songs from NFOM, old songs plus some new ones too. Lots for everybody.


How come the Bridewell?

We’re playing The Liverpool Bridewell cos an old and dear friend is the manager (Paul Fitzgerald) of the venue. We’ve been talking about doing a show from the beginning of the year. He mentioned he’d had various people, bands and events on so I went down there and checked it out. I thought it was perfect for our 1st gig, plus nice to keep it with people from my past.

Who do you have playing with you in your band? 

The band is Myself Pete Wilkinson Guitar and vocals Mark Neary Bass & pedal steel, Paul Hemmings Guitar and Si Finley on drums.

Elijah James is supporting – did you pick this support yourself? Is Elijah someone we should be keeping an ear out for? 

Elijah James is the special guest and yeah! We picked him ourselves. Paul (Fitz) said check him out which I did. He’s got this incredible tune called ‘Nightime’, which is just him and a guitar – It blew me away, I loved it. Get down and see him

You’ve played in some of the best bands ever to come out of Liverpool. If you could create a supergroup of them all, drums, guitar, bass and frontman – who would make the cut? 

Haha! A Liverpool supergroup, right… Here it is; Mac (Ian McCulloch) vocals, John Head (lead guitar) Me (Bass) and finally Si Finley (drums)

Are there any new bands about that you are listening to? 

I like Elijah James. I really likely She Drew The Gun. Still, and always will, listen to BJM Anton Newcombe & Tess Parks. I think Serpent Power and Bill Ryder Jones are great too

What’s next for AVIATOR?

I’m hoping to put in a London show early next year and were recording an EP. I’m hoping to get it out there quickly, ideally I’d like it out for Xmas but we’ll see

AVIATOR. Play Liverpool Bridewell, L1 on Saturday 17th October. Tickets available HERE