The Scenes are a Finnish rock band with an eclectic collection of songs tucked into their repertoire. A swift run down their Soundcloud drags the listener through the rowdy, yet cinematic clamour of ‘City Of White Blankets’, the meandering ‘Anorexia Is Boring’ and densely experimental tracks such as ‘Hunters’. This is a band that is hard to pin down – but Gigslutz tried. Guitarist Miki Liukkonen took a pit-stop to answer some of our questions.

Hello there! Where do we find The Scenes today?

I’m not really sure what that question means, but here we are in Finland, working on our third album and getting ready for our next lengthy tour in UK.

You are a Finnish band, but you are about to go on a UK wide tour supporting punk legends The Specials. How did that come about?

X-Ray Touring Agency, who we are working with, asked if we’d like to tour with The Specials and we said “yes”.

Are you nervous about touring with such an iconic band?


You’ve also recently supported Bo Ningen and played festivals such as The Great Escape, Live At Leeds, Dot To Dot and Liverpool Sound City, building up an impressive live reputation. What can newbies expect from your live show?

We always strive to give our best, but that’s really what everybody is saying about their live performances. But I mean, our shows are always so full of energy that it’s almost repressive, not only for the audience, but to us also. Every show must be played like it’s your last, and one day, I think, if things go in right direction, that is what will happen.

Have you had any unusual touring experiences?

No, all our touring experiences have been ridiculously normal, drinking and breaking stuff (well, not always). It would be much more unusual if we didn’t do anything but sit in our tour bus, solving Sudokus.

Your music is rather diverse. ‘Hunters’ and single ‘Anorexia Is Boring’ are very different, so what inspires your sound?

Art in general, everything that’s good. In particular me, Konsta (singer) and Matias (bassist) are crazy about films, painting, novels, poetry. It’s just creativity that inspires. To be honest it’s much harder to find any bands that I can consider as ‘art’, that make music that makes you think ‘Wow, that’s something I haven’t heard/thought before, this is something new’. The first thing you got to do if you want to achieve anything that could be described as ‘meaningful’ is to never think that you have achieved anything, and always try and find something new. Reiteration and habit are the worst enemies that artists can have.

What music did you grow up with?

Punk and progressive rock. Both genres can be heard in our music.

How did you all meet?

We all went the same school.

Is there much of an alternative music scene in your home country?

No. And if there is, I haven’t heard of it.

Have the press been encouraging of your music in Finland or are you gathering more support in other countries?

I think that people are taking us much more seriously than a year ago. Reputation grows and so on. And of course, we grow up as a band all the time. Other countries don’t really know that we exist, so…

Your second album Beige is set to be released in October. What can listeners expect from it?

Twisting on a burning acupressure mat while someone yells that you really should get rid of that giant bat that’s sneaking around your attic.

Where do you aim to be this time next year?

Our aim is to headline Glastonbury, but to be honest, I think I will be sitting in this very same place, answering questions like: ‘Where do you aim to be this time next year?’

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