Interview: Slaves

Slaves are Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent, who formed the band in Kent before moving to London. The duo will be supporting Jamie T on his forthcoming Carry On The Grudge tour. I  caught up with Laurie to talk about just how exciting that is and wound up wanting to see Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry at a music festival! Enjoy…

GIGSLUTZ: Hello Slaves. Where are you and what have you been up to this week?

A: I’m on the Jubilee line between Baker Street and Bond Street. Had a busy week. I’ve been to Bristol to buy an amp. I also went to a medieval banquet on the weekend… what a laugh we have!

GIGSLUTZ: You guys are supporting Jamie T on his Carry On The Grudge tour – what are you looking forward to?

A: Watching Jamie T every night for about three weeks! He’s one of my personal heroes. Very surreal. I’m actually listening to him now on my iPod, too.

GIGSLUTZ: Name three influences on your music, without whom you would most likely be doing something other than making music…

A: My family, how shit education was for me and Chris Walters: the man who managed to teach me guitar.

GIGSLUTZ: The video concept for ‘Hey’ is pretty trippy. What gave you the idea?

A: Just the vague message of the song. I wanted to convey the confusing imagery Isaac presents in the song in a visual way. I think we achieved that.

GIGSLUTZ: What’s the most rock ‘n’ roll thing each of you have ever done?

A: I can’t speak for Isaac as he’s not here, although there was this one time when he ate a Kinder Bueno and went swimming straight after. He didn’t leave it an hour. He is a true soul rebel. I, on the other hand, once had two double espressos before bed. I was out of control at the time. I can say I’ve settled down now and am nowhere near as rock ‘n’ roll as I once thought.

GIGSLUTZ: What was the first song you fell in love with and which album could you not live without?

A: The first song I honestly remember loving was probably Bon Jovi’s ‘You Gave Love A Bad Name’. The one that stars with “shot through the heart and you’re to blame, you gave love a bad name”. My Dad used to play that in the car a lot and took me to see them once. It was my first ever rock concert and what a banger that tune is! I know it’s not ‘cool’ per se but we weren’t all raised on Joy Division and Nirvana! Most of us got Bon Jovi and Shania Twain, and I’m proud of that.

I’d rather not live without a lot of albums – Rancid, Indestructible; Fleetwood Mac, Rumours; The Streets, A Grand Don’t Come For Free; Baxter Fury, Happy Soup; Jamie T Panic Prevention – these are all albums that shaped me.

GIGSLUTZ: Richard Branson gives you a shitload of cash and asks you to curate your own festival – who would you book?

A: Lenny Henry, Phil Mitchell (drug addict days), Chic, Daft Punk, The Cheeky Girls, Baby Strange, Paul and Mary Berry (from The Great British Bakeoff) and Slipknot.

GIGSLUTZ: Apparently your live shows are pretty intense. What could people attending your gigs expect to see?

A: Me and Isaac playing some shows.

GIGSLUTZ: What’s next for Slaves?

A: Hopefully a nice bit of lunch then a punk rock show tonight. Can’t complain.

GIGSLUTZ: Thanks for your time, guys!

A: Merci

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