Interview: The Estevans, This Feeling Alive Tour with Red Stripe and Scott’s

The Estevans Interview

How are you guys?

Oscar: I’m jolly, I’ve had a beer, and it’s perked me up a bit. I have a very high metabolism so I get pissed very easily.

You toured with This Feeling with Getrz at the beginning of the year, do you feel like this tour will be different?

Oscar: Last time with Getrz it was more our chance to play the whole of the UK for the first time, whereas this time each band is from a different place in the UK so it’s like we’re going to each others home towns.

Guy: It’s a really good idea, I’ve never seen this before, a group of bands going on tour together where no one is headlining and the line up changes at each show. And everyone seems really nice, this way we get to meet everyone properly.

Do you think people will know you guys better at the shows?

Ollie: Probably, now we’ve played quite a few gigs, hopefully we’ve picked up a fan or two around the country.

Guy: All it’s about is winning over new people, so I like playing to people that may not of heard of us before.

You guys have done a lot of festivals over the summer, some with This Feeling, what was your favourite?
Oscar: If I had to just pick one, probably Truck.

Ollie: Yeah, with Isle of Wight, it was more of a hilarious time, we had a load of mates there so it was really fun, but Truck was an amazing gig.  

Oscar: Yeah, and for Truck we got to stay over which was cool, got to see a bit of Wolf Alice.

Ollie: Also we went to the This Feeling DJ set for so long, it was good cause there was two channels, so if you didn’t like one song you could switch to the other.

Can you tell me a bit about new music that’s being released?

Oscar: We’ve been working with a producer called Gus or Eric Gustav, and we worked with his mid August and we recorded three new songs, one of which is going to be the next single. He’s done three Strokes records, so it was really cool to work with him and our next track is going to be with him. And I think that he does get our sound, so in our next singles you’ll maybe hear a certain progression. That’s what we’ve been doing recently, and we’re excited to release them.