Interview: The Kicklips, This Feeling Alive Tour 2019 with Scott’s and Redstripe

Psychedelic 60s style rock and roll band The Kicklips are one of four bands heading off on the This Feeling Alive Tour 2019 with Scott’s Menswear and Red stripe, here’s what they had to say when we sat down for a chat with them…

So first of all, your music is one that seems hard to categorise or compare to other bands, how do you personally describe it?

Beck: I think it’s a tricky one because me and Mo have some contradictory music tates, but personally for me I try and base a lot of my writing off of 50s/60s rock and roll. Like Chuck Berry, Elvis are massive influences. But then Mo add’s his music mix in there.

Mo: Yeah for me it’s more like Pink Floyd, psychedelic rock.


You guys played a lot of festivals with This Feeling over the summer including Y Not, Isle of Wight and Truck Festival, did you have a favourite?

Beck: I really liked Truck but I think my favourite had to be Isle of Wight, we played the Thursday and because the main stage wasn’t open yet, everyone came to see us and the atmosphere was insane. It was such a busy, buzzing atmosphere.

Mo: I really enjoyed Truck festival, really good weather, really good stage, really good vibes. Everyone was enjoying themselves.


How does it feel to be on the This Feeling Tour? Where are you excited to play?

Beck: I’m excited to get back to London, we played The Monarch in Camden and to play London again, on a tour, will be interesting, I’m really looking forward to it.

Mo: I’m looking forward to Glasgow, I’ve heard good stories about bands playing there

Can you tell me a bit about your latest single, ‘Just Do It’?

Beck: It’s a song that for us is a bit of change from our other stuff. It’s a bit more produced maybe. We’ve always been a kind of raw band, go into the studio, lay down some tracks, our producer does his thing and we leave it at that. But with this one, we spent more time around the desk saying we want this doing and this doing.