INTERVIEW: The Lovely Eggs

Ahead of the release of their latest LP, ‘I Am A Moron’, and a UK wide tour, Gigslutz caught up with The Lovely Eggs frontwoman Holly Ross.

Gigslutz – Firstly, how are you keeping?

Holly Ross – We’re alright. You know we’re not doing cartwheels cos our new album comes out on Friday and all record shops are shut and we’ve had to postpone our April tour but we’ve got our chin up and have been pretty philosophical about it.

GS – Can you tell us a bit about the new album?

HR – Well we recorded it ourselves in Lancaster and then went over to America in September to mix it with Dave Fridmann in Upstate New York. It’s a very gentle album and it’s also a very vicious album. It is called I am Moron. It’s about the human race.

GS – With the ever speeding world of politics has the album gained a new, unexpected level of poignancy?

HR – Yes absolutely. There’s a lot on the album about isolation which is very weird listening back to that now. It’s almost like we had a crystal ball. So yeah there’s a lot of there that seems particularly poignant now. You know raging about consumerism and all the tat knocking about and then all of a sudden it’s like we got our wish and it’s gone! I think more than any album we’ve done “I am Moron” really was an anthropological study of the shit going on right now in our world. We put every little thing under a microscope and now we’re forced to question all this stuff while we sit indoors so it’s pretty interesting.

GS – Any stand out memories of the recording process?

HR – Spilling a whole gallon of milk in the back of a brand new hire car and taking two weeks to clean out the stink, doing an impromptu gig at the local bar and a massive 24 hour hangover.

GS – How does it feel to work with a producer as acclaimed as Dave Fridmann.

HR – Really honoured. It’s fucking ridiculous actually! As if that would happen to us! But the world is a mysterious place and we are very grateful.

GS – Are there any stand out tracks from the new album?

HR – They’re all good. You decide.

GS – How is Eggland reacting to the recent climate? Be this politics, corona virus etc

HR – We are used to shit hitting the fan so we’re dealing with it fine. One thing about running your own label and being DIY is that you learn to cope with whatever comes your way so we’re used to craziness and we’re used to disappointment and tough times so we’re weathering the storm quite well I’d say. You’ve just got to learn to transcend the bullshit. Been having fun at home. Spending a lot of time with our little lad and just keeping our chin up.

GS – How are the eggs keeping busy during this lockdown?

HR – Generally looking after our lad who we’ve got to home school at the moment. And we’ve had the new single out last Friday and got the new album out on Friday so we’ve been busy posting out all the orders. Don’t worry about us we’re keeping ourselves out of trouble!

GS – Are you excited for the upcoming tour, are there any particular stand out dates?

HR – Not really any particular stand outs. We’ve been playing live for so long now we have loads of favourite places. Newcastle is always a good crack as is Manchester and Leeds and Bristol and Brighton and London. So maybe those places.

GS – How does it feel to be playing your largest show to date at the Manchester Ritz? Is it a badge of honour to reach this point whilst remaining totally independent?

HR – Yeah it’s a bit fucking freaky innit! Yeah we’re dead pleased. I mean it’s unthinkable for a band like us going it totally alone with no help from anyone. I think we’ve done pretty good. But it’s not us. It’s the fans. They’re the ones that have made it so we can play places like that.

GS – Finally, any music that you’re currently enjoying? Any bands to keep an eye on?

HR – Mr Ben and the Bens. Sleaford Mods. Particle Kid. Damaged Bug.

‘I Am A Moron’ is out 3rd of April on Egg Records.

Catch the band live at the following dates:

Thursday July 16: The Cluny, Newcastle 

Friday July 17: Gorilla, Manchester  *SOLD OUT*

Saturday July 18: The Brudenell, Leeds  *SOLD OUT*

Sunday July 19: Castle and Falcon, Birmingham  *SOLD OUT*

Monday July 20: The Portland Arms, Cambridge  *SOLD OUT*

Tuesday July 21: Komedia, Brighton  *SOLD OUT*

Wednesday July 22: The Loft, Southampton 

Thursday July 23: The Fleece, Bristol  *SOLD OUT*

Friday July 24: The Garage, London  *SOLD OUT*

Saturday July 25: The Bullingdon, Oxford 

Wednesday, July 29: Mash House, Edinburgh 

Thursday, July 30: CCA, Glasgow 

Saturday, August 8: Network, Sheffield

Friday, October 23: Heaven, London

Friday October 30: The Ritz, Manchester

Tickets are available to purchase here.