INTERVIEW: Trapdoor Social

Words: Joseph Shillabeer

Musical collective Trapdoor Social has a distinct style of fiery alternative rock. Their latest single entitled “The Lie” is a departure for the band, with deeply dark and emotive sound. The track narrates the emotional rollercoaster of relationships and a feeling of wanting the fighting to end.

The Los Angeles based group is more than just a band, they’re true environmental champions. Touring across the globe, producing solar-powered concerts and festivals, they have a record for fundraising and activism to promote sustainability.

I caught up with the band, discussing their new single, European tour and more.

So you just released your new single “The Lie”, which narrates the ups and down in a relationship. What advice would you give others when it comes to avoiding conflict within that situation?

Haha that’s right – my advice would be to do the OPPOSITE of what the character in the song is doing – speak your mind and be honest. The song is tragic because it describes doing what my mom (the marriage and family therapist that taught me what I know about healing) would have recommended against. The Lie in a way is what’s NOT said. “Time comes, I’ll be holding my tongue cuz I would rather love today than be in a fight”. Ya just gotta talk stuff out to maintain a healthy relationship.

I always find it fascinating to learn the meaning behind band names, how did you guys come up with yours?

We were tickled by this idea of a fantastical underground hideout where all our favorite thinkers, writers, singers, philosophers, etc., past or present, all hang out playing cards under a swinging light. That’s a “trapdoor social”

I understand you recently came off a European tour supporting The B-52’s. Tell me more about what that experience was like?

Oh man. It was pretty sweet!! Some of the most beautiful venues we’ve ever seen, packed with sold-out audiences who didn’t know us before but really gave us a chance and really were super cool. The B-52s and their crew are awesome people as well. Days off in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, and Paris were… a very sweet icing on the cake.

I know you’re big environmental activists, producing outdoor solar-powered concerts across the US – how can people do their part to help the cause?

I think individuals should (1) focus on their own ecological footprint, cutting excessive travel and carbon-intensive foods like meat and cheese, and (2) encourage our elected leaders to push for change in our policy. A little change isn’t so hard and a little action does the body good.

Lastly, what can we expect next from Trapdoor Social?

Well, we’re going to be releasing an album later this year, and… hopefully, touring the US again someday soon! Dunno if it will be this year, but next time we get a chance, we will. We miss our friends and fans around the country REAL bad.