Introducing Interview: Animal House

Following the success of last year’s Sorry EP, Animal House have now announced the release of a brand new EP next month.

Oozing the band’s trademark quirky charm and playful charisma, new single ‘Coca Cola’ races with vibrant, jangly melodies and immensely infectious hooks, guaranteed to get your feet moving in no time. A delightful whirring cacophony of chaos that’s impossible not to love.

We caught up with the band to talk new music, Tequila and doughnuts…

Hi, welcome to Gigslutz! Can you tell us a little bit about Animal House?
Nothing too mysterious here. A bunch of Aussies ,and lately a couple of Brits, form Animal House and we play garage-rock with pop sensibilities – that sort of thing anyway.

What would say it is that makes you stand out from other bands these days?
Maybe it’s not super unique, but we really try and drive the point home that we are trying to take the piss out of just about everything. The music behind it is generally raw but upbeat and “feel-good” I suppose, which can be a difficult combination to achieve.

We’re loving the new single ‘Coca Cola’ – what’s it all about?
Ahhh, it’s not about the drink… Just consumption and nonsense really.

You’ve also got a new EP Hot Bodies coming out next month, how would you say this differs from your awesome last EP Sorry? Has your approach to making music changed at all?
We’ve gone back to being more live in the studio and we think the vibes are better. We threw the tracks together at Hermitage Works studios in London with a producer called Margo, who built it from the ground up basically, and she has a bunch of great gear there. We went for a bit of a different theme, and these songs work together well so have at it!

How do you find being based in Brighton? Do you get to see lots of live music?

Brighton is fantastic, though it does have a bit of that Berlin syndrome where everyone’s an artist but no one is doing any art, everyone is too busy partying! Obviously not true ha, there are tonnes of great bands and something on every night – it’s a really supportive scene and one we’re lucky to be involved in.

You seem to put a lot of energy into everything you do, what can we expect from your live shows?
Well, we’ve recently added a new member so our singer, Will, can focus on the mic and moving his hips. We don’t take things too seriously and we just everyone to have a stonking good dance at our live shows, and we’ll lead the way.

And what’s been your favourite live gig to date?
Tough question. Some of the smallest ones have been the best – completely raucous, amazing energy. House parties and one time at a tiny pub called The Fitz (before it was renovated) spring to mind. That gig had everything from Tequila, to donuts, to crowd surfing!

As we’re a new music-focused site, are there any new/upcoming bands or artists you’d suggest we check out?
You guys are pretty on it so probably no one you haven’t already heard of! Francobollo are absolutely brilliant, though they’re not really new. Blue Spectre are a surf band, solid favourites of ours.

And can you describe your sound in three words… ?
Garage, party, dance.

Finally, what does the rest of 2017 have in store for Animal House
We’ve got a few European festivals lined up, and we’re just gonna release a tonne of music so give us a follow!

Huge thanks to Animal House for answering our questions! 

Hot Bodies, the upcoming new EP from Animal House, is out 9 June.

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