Introducing Interview: Beaty Heart

Ahead of their appearance at LeeFest Presents: The Neverland, a string of other festivals, and the pending release of their second album Till The Tomb we found out a little bit more about Beaty Heart…

Tell us a bit about Beaty Heart!
We are three sassy boys from Peckham, we got drums, samplers. We have a new album Till The Tomb coming out in July, and we are looking for a good time.

Can you describe your sound in three words?
Deeeeep Sleaze Pop

The first single from the album received a lot of radio play, do you feel that this is more important than live shows in terms of getting support prior to album release?
They are both pretty key to getting support, they kind of play hand in hand. The radio play is great though cos it gets our music out to heaps of people, who might eventually come to one of our shows.

And you’ve had Yves Rulliere do the artwork for the past 2 singles, what sort of effect do you think artwork and videos have on a track?
We have always put the visual side of things high on the priority list. Usually we’ve done our own artwork and videos, but for this record we wanted to bring a few more people in. The artwork should help people contextualise your music within their own world, and give them a hand to visualise the message of the album. We wanted the artwork for Till The Tomb to allude to physicality, vibrancy, but also to have this undertone of deterioration, and Yves’ work was perfect for that.

It’s been two years since your last album, is there any particular reason for the lengthy wait to release Till The Tomb?
Actually the album was recorded about a year ago, it’s taken freakin ages to get it out, for many complicated boring reasons, but we’re hyped its coming out in the summer.

You’ve spoken about the struggles you faced when writing ‘Soft Like Clay’ – do you find that such struggles often shape the songs in the end?
I don’t know if the struggles necessarily shape the songs, but in SLC there feels to me like there is a tension to it that is a result of the problems we had recording it. Maybe that’s just from our perspective though, cos we were there at the time, we can’t listen to it without revisiting elements of that frustration and tension.

Your inspiration seems to come from quite a varied spectrum, what did you grow up listening to?
Mostly the Lighthouse Family.

The album comes out pretty much in the middle of festival season, have you got plans for touring it afterwards?
Yeh there are tours being organised as we speak. We’ve got plans to go to the USA in September, which should be lit. Then we are heading round Europe in October. Who knows where after that, but there will be loads of filthy ass gigs.

What can we expect next from Beaty Heart?
We got some new songs coming out, new videos too. Plus we are writing new music, so we plan to keep the momentum going and wreck it up international.

Catch Beaty Heart live:

Mon 6th Paris Le Pop Up du label*
Fri 17th Hilvarenbeek Best Kept Secret Festival
Fri 15th Groene Ster Welcome To The Village Festival
Fri 29th Kent Leefest
Sat 10th Isle Of Wight Bestival

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