Introducing Interview: DOLLS

DOLLS have been busy playing live across London recently, and have naturally been causing a stir with their assertive tunes and unforgettable stage presence.

The grunge-punk duo blew us away when we saw them supporting Findlay at The Shacklewell Arms last week, and we wanted to take some time to find out how Jade (guitarist/vocalist) and Bel (drummer) came to create raucous tunes like ‘Kid Kannibal’ and ‘Audrey’.

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Hello DOLLS! How are you?

We are very well thanks. We’ve just recorded four tracks with Jim Sclavunos (Grinderman, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) which we are super excited about! We’ve spent all summer busy with UK and Germany gigs and more recently we’ve also been doing quite a bit of writing.

For those who don’t know, can you tell us how/when you formed the band and what inspired you to do so?

Originally we formed from a solo project that Jade was working on. She decided a stomp box wasn’t quite cutting it, so she needed a drummer! We got on like a house on fire from when we first met over two years ago, and have been musical partners ever since.

You recently returned to The Shacklewell Arms to support Findlay for the WCDI Rape Crisis UK Charity gig. How important do you think gigs like this are? Do you feel like you’re making a difference?

We feel that they are incredibly important and we always support female fronted nights. We’ve never been part of a gig before that has been raising money for such a  brilliant and supportive charity like Rape Crisis, and we definitely feel like they make a difference. These gigs let people know about these charities, what they do, and how important they are.

Part of the inspiration behind that gig was the desire to see gender equal line-ups in the music industry. What bands would be on your perfect gender-balanced line up?

Ah there is so much choice! We would definitely have to say Argonauts, Findlay, The Potentials, and Goat Girl.

You also played at the LOUD WOMEN FESTIVAL in September which was a huge showcase of female music talent in London. What were your highlights from the night?

We loved Argonauts! They were so cool! We actually had quite a lot of interviews to do at the festival so didn’t actually get to see too many other bands.

You recorded a video for your track ‘Audrey’ earlier in the year which is taken from your most recent EP Kid Kannibal. Can you talk us through the writing/recording process for the track and how the video shoot went?

‘Audrey’ was written when we started getting more into punk and was a breakthrough for Jade as she mainly always wrote Bluesy Rock songs. It was written very quickly and we recorded ‘Kid Kannibal’ and ‘Audrey’ in one day as we had such a low budget.

The video was actually quite dramatic. We’d hired this theatre in Camden and the speakers exploded after one take (oops). We had to run to the music shop and buy a cable that would plug Jade’s iPod into her guitar amp, and we just had to mime through it. In the end we got it all done in time and we are really happy with the video!

Can you tell us any more details about new releases or more tour dates?

We are still in the process of organising everything. When we know, we will let you be the first to know! But you can most likely expect a release and tour in the not so distant future…

Do you have any practical or industry advice for the next generation of female musicians?

Always be polite and friendly, but don’t take any shit. Lots of people will try and give you ‘advice’ on the way. You have to chose carefully what to listen to and what not to listen to. Also, play loads and go and see as many gigs as you can. A lot of the times your talent and musical skills will talk for themselves.

Finally, is there a particular band that you’re dying to see live who you haven’t caught yet?

The Julie Ruin (Jade)

I’m dying to see Thee Oh Sees (Bel)

Thanks to DOLLS for answering our questions!

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

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