Introducing Interview: Generation

The current punk renaissance has brought to the fore The Touts from Derry, Proletariat from Manchester and now Liverpool is trying its luck with Generation.

Liverpool is not somewhere particularly famed for its punk heritage, but nevertheless Generation are blazing a spectacular trail for the city of jangly guitars with their first EP, Who Loves This Generation. 

We caught up with Liverpool’s most glamorous young punks to find out more… 

Hello Generation and welcome to Gigslutz! Can you tell us your names please and your roles….
Yo Gigslutz! We are James Carne (Guitar), Dean Carne (Vocals), Tom Collins (Bass) & Nathan Sanderson (Drums).

So, we have brothers Dean and James in the group, how does this affect group dynamics?  Do you get on well together, or do you end up wanting to kill each other at every gig?
We’re practically the same person so it’s easy going… There’s the odd fight every now and then, but what brothers don’t have that?

How did you all get together?
Well… We started the band twelve months ago, the current line-up has been going six months – it was a case of finding the right guys who could play IT and put up with us! We found Tom by chance working as a waiter in Liverpool: it was as simple as “Tom, you know any decent bass players?”, to which he replied “I’m a bass player”. Nathan’s recruitment story is less romantic – we found him on Facebook.

Who are your musical inspirations?
Old school stuff… The Stooges, The Cramps and The Sonics stand out amongst many.

How would you describe your sound?  
Fuel injected rock ’n’ roll designed to shock the apathy out of anyone who listens.

Did you set out to be a punk band?
We certainly did. Our personalities reflect the ethics of punk. We think of ourselves as a band based around the spirit of punk.  

Why do you think there is a resurgence of interest in punk music at the moment?
The world’s gone crazy, so we need people on the side of justice who are equally as crazy.

What can the audience expect at your gigs?
Sweat by the bucket loads… This isn’t just a hobby for us, it’s a full time job. We work extremely hard crafting our live set and it shows. Words can’t sum up a Generation gig – you just have to see it with your own eyes.

You are possibly the most stylish of bands on the Liverpool circuit, can you describe your fashion style and your inspirations behind it.
Our style is based on rock-a-billy and punk fashion, and that’s where we draw our inspiration from. Put it this way, we’re not a band that takes our clothes out of a suit bag when we get to a gig…

Can you sum up in one sentence what Generation is all about?
Waking up a complacent generation and inspiring people to get up and do something with their lives.

What was it like recording your newly released EP, Who Loves This Generation?
First real time for us on a recording session. We scheduled a week in the studio, so up at the crack of dawn and on the road at 8am. Got us worried a bit … It was like a real job! We rehearsed for two weeks prior to studio so we had the tracks in the bag from a playing point of view. We recorded all tracks as live takes, around four takes of each track! It was wicked… Just like playing a gig!

This year saw your first festival appearances at Festevol and Sound City Liverpool and Tramlines – what else have you got lined up festival wise this summer?
We have a tour scheduled to promote our EP so mainly one off venue dates across the UK. We have a few other festivals in those dates. 

You are out on the road at the moment doing gigs up and down the country, can you tell us about any stand out moments so far and any disasters?
Luckily no disasters yet, but a stand out moment was in Newcastle when Dean screamed “WAKE UP” into some fella’s face. He was carrying about seven bags for life and was absolutely loving it – shout out to that legend.

What can we expect from Generation for the rest of 2017?
Loads more touring, more releases, more clothes and looking forward to getting Generation across Europe.

If you fancy having it loud and sweaty at one of Generation’s gigs, catch them live at the following dates:


4 – Manchester, Jimmys
19 – Sheffield, Record Junkee


28 – London, The Islington
30 – Liverpool, Magnet


25 – Leeds, Kazoopa Festival

Who Loves This Generation, the new EP, is out now.