Introducing Interview: Lowla

Channeling the likes of Grimes and Sky Ferreira, new alt-pop duo Lowla create twinkling, impassioned offerings that are just as good to dance to as get immersed in their emotive content.

Debut single ‘Reckless’ celebrates the moment you realise you’re over a break-up: “Reckless calls for an almost violent break-up with your break-up”, the duo say of the track.

We caught up with Lara and and Lo to find out more…

Hi Lowla, how are you today and where are you?
Hi guys, thanks for the interview. We’re good thanks. Just in Lo’s studio, working on new tracks and munching on pretzels and lentil crisps.

How did you both meet?
Lo: We met when I recorded Lara for a friend and fell in love with her voice. I immediately called her to see if she’d be up for writing some new music. And that’s how LOWLA began…

You love Levis and all things ’90s! What are your favourite ’90s music loves?
Lara: We love the Spice Girls, Fugees, Alanis, Jurassic 5, Salt N Peppa, Wu Tang, En Vogue, Mariah Carey, TLC and Janet Jackson. I probably own 15 pairs of Levis. Can’t resist a vintage denim find. You should see my wardrobe!

‘Reckless’ is your new single – tell us more about it.
Reckless is actually our debut single and we’re so excited about it. It’s all about overcoming heartbreak – breaking up with the break-up. Hopefully, it encourages some people to let go of any anger or grudges they hold. But if they just want to dance, that’s cool too.

What’s the worst break-up you’ve ever had?
We’ve had many and each one is different, but you live and you learn. And then you write a song about it.

Any more releases planned after the single?
Yes, there are lots of songs in the pipeline, including some covers and some surprises 🙂

When can we see you live?
Soon. There’ll be some live videos circulating shortly and then we hope to support some good artists from spring onwards this year. We’ll reserve you a ticket.

What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you as a band so far?
We were rehearsing in a warehouse space and popped out for some food. When we came back, a pigeon had been trapped in the room. (Don’t ask us how!?) We’re both animal lovers, but Lo’s really scared of bird wings flapping. So Lara eventually caught it (Don’t ask us how!) and set it free.

In terms of ‘pop’, how do you feel Lowla fit into the current trends right now?
It’s not one of our goals to fit into current trends. We channel our influences, but we like to keep in the now. We don’t believe in trends in the music industry. It feels like everyone just recycles endlessly. The same as in fashion.

Huge thanks to Lowla for answering our questions!

Find out more about Lowla here.

Reckless is out 31 March via DIY. 

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