Introducing Interview: Marnie

Having fronted electronic pioneers Ladytron, Marnie is now set to release her brand new solo album next month. Having already received acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork and Under the Radar, the album is filled with beautifully composed, pulsating electro-pop anthems.

We caught up with Marnie to find out more about the upcoming album and her hopes for the future…

Hi Marnie, welcome to Gigslutz! Can you tell us a bit more about you solo project?
Hello! I am Marnie, I also go by the name Helen Marnie. I will answer to both. Marnie is my solo project – I released my debut album Crystal World in 2013, and my new album Strange Words And Weird Wars is due for release next month.

What’s the story behind your latest track ‘Alphabet Block’?
It’s a co-write with my producer Jonny Scott. Lyrically it’s quite dark. It depicts a situation of anxiety and fear, and most of all, uncertainty. That feeling of not knowing or having absolutely no control over an outcome. That’s all wrapped up with a warm wall of synths.

If you had to compare yourself to any other artists out there right now, who would they be and why?
Wow. That’s too difficult. I’d prefer not to compare myself actually. Because that just leads to endlessly being compared to that person and created as a fact on wikipedia. I’ll compare myself to Ladytron, because I am also in Ladytron…

How does the writing process for you differ from track to track?
It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I’ll just start by creating a drum loop and building from there, other times it’ll be a lyrical idea that sparks the rest of a song. More often than not though, it is the music bed that is done first and then topline/lyrics.

What made you think it was time to release a solo album instead of releasing something else with Ladytron?
Ladytron aren’t quite ready, and I am. I’ve been working on this record for the last two years. It’s actually a little delayed, but I’m glad to finally have a release date set. I like the freedom and control that writing your own record brings, plus I can pursue whatever direction I fancy. I’m not presenting a band – I only have to represent myself.

Who are three of your most influential artists?
Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson, Lana Del Rey.

Can you describe your sound in three words? 
Subversive synth pop.

What is the next step for Marnie? 
My album will be released on 25th March and I hope to tour the record. Let’s hope people like it enough to come see me play.

Huge thanks to Marnie for answering our questions!

Strange Words and Weird Wars, the new album from Marnie, is out 25 March.


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