Introducing Interview: Moonlight Zoo

Following their previous single ‘Breaking Or Broken’, Scottish indie-pop band Moonlight Zoo are now back with their infectious new track, ‘Melting’. Having received acclaim from the likes of Radio X and Jim Gellatly, the band have played at the Isle Of Wight festival and headlined King Tuts Wah Wah Hut.

Having just shared a joy-filled new video for ‘Melting’, we caught up with Moonlight Zoo to find out more…

Hi Moonlight Zoo! Welcome to Gigslutz, how are you today?
We are very well!

Can you tell us a bit more about Moonlight Zoo, please?
We are a band based in Scotland and have been playing together for little under two years now. We like to think we provide a funky and infectious edge to alternative pop. We all have different influences and we believe that is a reason for helping us produce a fresh and unique sound. We released out first single ‘Breaking Or Broken’ in April and are just about to release our next single ‘Melting’ on the 4th November.

What’s the story behind your single ‘Melting’?
The song explores the idea of how being with someone can lead you to forget all else. Right now with all that is happening in the world; all the misery, corruption & controversy – having someone can help you not feel so bad about it all. This song is a celebration of that, whilst also trying to serve as a subtle reminder of the bigger picture.

Do you have any other upcoming releases in the works we can hear about?
We have some exciting plans for 2017, but we have no dates set in stone as of yet. Expect more edgy pop songs and some cool surprises – keep your eyes and ears peeled ….

What’s the next step for Moonlight Zoo?
Just to keep writing better & better songs, with the hope of another single early next year then maybe an EP in the summer.

If you could work with any artist/producer alive or dead who would that be and why?
Kevin Parker from Tame Impala would be really to cool to work with, as he has the uncanny ability of creating these amazingly sugary pop songs that sound like they’re from another universe.

Can you describe your sound in five words for us?
Wild Melodic Funky Freaky Pop.

Huge thanks to Moonlight Zoo for answering our questions! 

‘Melting’, the new single from Moonlight Zoo, is out 4 November via Spinnup. 

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