Introducing Interview: Nathan Abbott

We had a quick catch-up with Southend-based musician Nathan Abbott to talk about his new single ‘Sweet Sunshine’,  his debut album and some of his new music recommendations…


How have you been coping and staying creative during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic?
Just getting on with things really. The extra time has been good for writing, generally taking stock and getting a bit more balance over all.

You’ve just released your new single ‘Sweet Sunshine’. Talk us through what inspired you to write it.
It came to me after I saw some pictures of rioting on the television. Stressful scenes that represent different points of view clashing. ‘Sweet Sunshine’ is about accepting others views, as long they’re not hurting anyone.

You’ve been busy recording your debut album, Don’t Wait For Healing, this year. Talk us through some of the highlights of the process, and what your hopes for the record are now it’s complete and out in the world?
Recording the album has been a great experience. A couple of the songs are among the first I ever wrote and they’ve stayed with me for a lifetime. That was the most satisfying part, finding them again and hearing them in real life, with some beautiful players on them. It was also great to work with Zac Dorne who did a great job as producer. My only hope for the album is that it does its job, for some one somewhere, the way I needed certain albums growing up to help me through sometimes.

Do you have any plans for some live performances later this year?
I’ve only got one gig booked so far, May 21st at Chinnerys in Southend, but I’ll get booking more as normal service resumes.

Any artists or bands you can recommend we listen to at the moment?
I recommend listening to Jaws and the Midnight Flyer. My favourite band at the moment.

Finally, Summer is coming up…what are your favourite memories of festival season?
I have no particular favourite festival memory. The years spent at Glastonbury were always special and blend into one…wet or dry.

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Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

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