Introducing Interview: The Nyx

Raucous, riotous and really, really wonderful, The Nyx deliver powerful offerings with an electrifying energy, and I just can’t get enough. Having wowed us at our February gig night at The Finsbury, they are one of the most exciting new bands around.

Filled with empowering, energy-fuelled anthems, The Nyx’s self-titled debut EP is out next week, so we caught up with them to find out more…

Hey, welcome to Gigslutz! Can you please introduce The Nyx to our readers?
We have Becky and Simone on Vs and Gs, then Ruby on bass and Simmy on Drums.

What would you say it is it that makes you stand out from other artists?
We’re four fierce girls doing what we love, but we do it with meaning. We fearlessly speak our minds! Having two lead singers gives us the opportunity to showcase two very different vocal personalities making our writing style raw and honest. We’re all extremely mental! Everyone holds a little crazy person inside of them that needs to be released from time to time. Our aim is to empower and we accomplish this by releasing our crazy at shows.

Your single ‘Hideaway’ is awesome! What’s it all about?
Yay thanks! It’s about the struggle of the push and pull of an over thinking mind. What’s real and what’s not. In the verse I’m basically having a conversation with myself. I guess it’s kind of shedding light on the darkness of someone’s mind.

How did you all first meet?!
Firstly, Becky met Ruby in a field somewhere when they were teenagers and soon became BFFs. Then, I met Becky at a house party. The word on the streets of Wycombe was that Becky wanted to start an all female band. I jumped at the Becky’s grand plan, but we found ourselves bass-less. So, Becky conjured up the idea to teach Ruby bass, and she did so in under 72 hours. Since then, we’ve been together for four years and we’ve grown… A LOT. We now have the wonderful Simone (yes we have the same name!) on drums, who holds everything together.

Can you tell us a bit about your new EP The Nyx?
The Nyx is our first EP, which contains four songs ‘Home’, ‘Hideaway’, ‘Fire Breathing Lady’ and ‘Myself’. Becky and I equally share the exciting task of writing and we then present the skeleton of a new track to the girls, who then basically amplify what we have already created.

You played at our Gigslutz Live event at The Finsbury a couple of months back – how was that?
Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for having us. I actually had the best time! We were surrounded by beautiful humans who wanted to do more than typically stand and stare. Everyone’s spirits were high and the drinks were flowing. It felt more like a party than a show to me! I particularly enjoyed Sahara Dam’s set!

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Probs somewhere in a field surrounded by like-minded humans, who just want to have a great time! Festivals are a must!

What’s next for The Nyx after the EP’s out there?
More writing, recording, gigging and empowering.

Huge thanks to The Nyx for answering our questions! 

The Nyx’s self-titled debut EP is out 21 April via Rumours Music. Find out more about The Nyx here.

Photo Credit: Jon Mo Photography

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