Introducing Interview: Rainbrother

Following the success of his psychedelic folk project The Migrant, Danish artist Bjarke Bendtsen has just released the debut album from his new band Rainbrother.

Produced by Noah Georgeson (The Strokes, Joanna Newsom), Tales From The Drought is a collection of beautifully reflective, folk-inspired offerings set to cast you under their majestic spell without a doubt.

We caught up with Bendtsen to find out more about Rainbrother, the album and hippie vibes…

Hi Rainbrother! How are you today?
Quite alright! Have survived 2017 so far and am excited for band rehearsals over the next weeks. And of course for the album release and gigs coming up!

Why did you decide to call yourselves Rainbrother?
We’re five boys who like rain and each other. It sounds homoerotic but it isn’t (yet). It also reminded our friends and mothers of acid rock, hippie vibes and native Americans, which is OK.

What makes this project different from your previous band The Migrant?
The Migrant was officially my solo project, a fluid project where my songs and I were the only constant. Sometimes playing live as a solo act, sometimes as a duo, sometimes with my Danish band and sometimes with my playmates from Austin Texas. Rainbrother are five guys on the move together.

What’s your last single ‘Break Out’ about?
It’s a call for someone to break out of her cage, shut up and run like crazy. Letting out the beast!  

What’s the theme behind your album Tales From The Drought?
Well, the album is a collection of songs written on the road and during a time of settling down. A bunch of newly developed photos taken during the last years, drying in the wind.

Who are your biggest influences – musically and non-musically?
An abundance of love, long dark winter nights, Twin Peaks and David Lynch films, travelling, strawberries and long summer nights, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, lack of love, Billie Holliday, Flaming Lips, desperate love, lack of sleep, Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricone… 

What are your plans for 2017?
As well as the first Rainbrother album, play a lot of gigs and hopefully record a new album.

Huge thanks to Rainbrother for answering our questions!


Tales From The Drought, the new album from Rainbrother, is out now.


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