Introducing Interview: The Vryll Society

Having been described “rock meets electronic realms of Krautrock”, Liverpool’s The Vryll Society look set to be making their mark on the UK music scene in the very near future.

Signed to Deltasonic Records, the label behind The Zutons and The Coral, The Vryll Society have been impressing crowds across Liverpool with their unique, eclectic sound, with many dates alongside their mates, Blossoms.

We caught up with lead singer, Michael Ellis, to find out more:

How did The Vyrll Society come together as a band?
Lloyd, Ryan, Ben and I knew each other from working on different projects and we knew Lewi from playing music and partying, so he slotted in quite easily. We decided that we would have a strict ethos and just make cool music.

Having your music described as ‘Jazz-enthused,’ how would you describe your sound in a few words?
I guess that jazz thing is kind of like the way the songs can sound quite spontaneous and you never know what’s happening next, plus our love of David Axelrod who blended jazz with rock. I couldn’t really do that as there is so much going on it wouldn’t really do it justice.

Psych/soul/krautrock/funk/trip-hop………I mean, how do you make a word out of that?

The Vyrll Society’s music has been said to inhabit touches of psychedelic soul and “rock meets electronic realms of Krautrock”, and the prog-rock of Aphrodite’s Child. Do these notations and comparisons flatter you?

No not at all, that’s the music we like.

What other genres and artists do The Vyrll Society take influence from?
Music-wise, there’s loads that people we haven’t touched on yet, probably because you’ve only heard two tracks so far, but there’s shades of David Axelrod, Stereolab, DJ Shadow, Air, Portishead, Stefano Torrisi and Serge Gainsbourg. Then there’s the visuals which owe a lot to Hans Richter and Bridget Riley, then the lyrics which are inspired by realism, surrealism, Andrei Tarkovsky, Sadhguru, Buddha… I could go on and on.

How did the group become involved with Deltasonic Records (home to the likes of The Coral and The Zutons)?
We’re managed by Deltasonic. We started working with Alan when we were pretty hopeless musicians, with lots of fire and belief. Alan took that and nurtured it, understood that when we did eventually GET IT so to speak we’d be a force to be reckoned with. Now we’re very good musicians with lots of fire and belief! I’m sure where ever he is, he can be very pleased with his handy work.

As a Liverpool band, is it great to be signed to such a respectable Liverpool label?
Yes, I love working with Deltasonic – in the north of England when it comes to guitar music, there isn’t anyone better. When I was about 15, I knew I’d end up working with them, how strange is that?

You’re said to be good friends with rock and roll, psych-bliss band Blossoms. What’s your relationship with the group?
We played quite a few dates with them round the country. What nice people they are and what a great band. What they’ve managed to do from playing live all over the country is so impressive, they’re selling out everywhere they play and their fans adore them, they deserve all the adulation they get. We’re playing Moseley Folk Festival together, so I’m looking forward to seeing them there.

With a growing live reputation on the Liverpool scene, you’ve supported the likes of Peace and Ariel Pink and played Liverpool’s Sound City. Who has been your favourite band to support so far? What has been your favourite live show?
Favourite band that we’ve supported is definitely Blossoms and favourite live show would also be supporting Blossoms at The Kazimier. It was that good I thought I was going to levitate!

The Vyrll Society’s first official single ‘Deep Blue Skies’ is set for release in July. Are you excited about the release?
Of course we’re excited about the release! When we recorded it, I had to sit back for a minute and take it in. It was 18 months of really hard work, immensely satisfying to now see it going out. A velvet, psychedelic rainforest.

Does The Vyrll Society have any secret methods for crafting such a beautifully blissed-out sound?
Great music, film and literature, a practice space that we love, and cannabis.

It’s said that you have been locked away in rehearsals for over a year. What else have the Vyrll Society been hard at work on, could there be more releases to follow in the near future? And where and when can we catch your inventively psychedelic sound live?
There’s a lot more to come from The Vryll Society. We’re not out of first gear yet, which is the exciting part. We’re working on an EP for September next. We’re expecting jaws to drop and mothers covering their children’s eyes. We’ve got dates in Manchester, Chester, End of the Road Festival and Mosley Folk Festival, then a tour in October.

Huge thanks to The Vryll Society for answering our questions!

The Vryll Society’s debut single, ‘Deep Blue Skies’, is out 17 July on Deltasonic Records. 

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