Introducing Interview: We’re No Heroes

Hailing from Cardiff, punk-inspired three piece We’re No Heroes deliver aggressive, funk-fused tracks with a unique groove. Having known each other since childhood, Tom Collins, Luke Llewellyn and Michael Owen gel perfectly and use their connection to great effect at their vivacious live shows.

With a new single out next month, and a host of Summer festivals booked in the diary, We’re No Heroes spared a few minutes to answer some of our questions.

Who are We’re No Heroes?
An alternative, new wave, indie rock three-piece from Cardiff who combine funk-inspired rhythmic guitars with mellow, impassive vocals and some techno, 80s-esque synth effects for good measure.

What is ‘Voodoo’ about, and how’s the reaction been so far?
The song means different things to different people. It depends on your outlook on life. Let us know what you think. So far, it has been well received and has already had plays on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 music, BBC Wales and Amazing Radio.

What’s next after the single?
We’re going to continue writing the catchiest, grooviest, riffiest shit that we’ve ever done and see where it takes us. With some gigs smashed in the middle.

What are the biggest influences on the band (not just music-wise)?
Our biggest influences come from all walks of life: nature, the sea, summer vibes, good times. And of course, musically, it comes from the funkiest funk possible, with that bass humping your face shit.

How do you compare to other bands on the scene right now – how are you different?
We like to do things differently in every aspect of the band. Just look at our artwork, or the way we connect with our fans. There is no front man for a start; each member brings something unique to the fore and that’s the way we like it.

Finally, tell us why we should listen to We’re No Heroes in 140 characters.
People should listen to We’re No Heroes because we know how to have a good time. We don’t disappoint and we hope you agree.

Thanks to We’re No Heroes for answering our questions!


‘Voodoo’ is out 31 July via Spiral Icon. 

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