Introducing: North Atlas

Formed of brothers Leon and Cam Hunter, along with Drew Lesslie and Kai Cairney, Glasgow’s North Atlas have previously played together in a variety of bands around the city, but have now come together to create their dynamic,  pop-rock sound.

Today, we’re premiering the brand new video for the band’s anthemic new single ‘Another Ocean’, and were lucky enough to catch up with singer Leon to find out all about it…

Hi North Atlas, welcome to Gigslutz! Can you please introduce yourself? 
Hey, my name is Leon Hunter and I’m the singer from Scottish alt-rock band North Atlas.

Can you tell us a bit more about North Atlas and the reason behind the name? 
The name was inspired by my dad who is an old sailor type, he always has so many stories from Iceland. He would tell me and my brother as children all about navigating with maps in the wild northern seas before proper GPS. So, it’s a bit of tribute to his adventures!

What’s the story behind your new single ‘Another Ocean’?
‘Another Ocean’ is a song about moving on and starting again, it was written at the end of a bad breakup. It’s about feeling like you’ve become a separate island from your former life and the future is an endless ocean of uncertainty in front of you.

Is there an album in the works, or any more singles on the horizon?
There is another single coming out in November this year which I’m pretty stoked for. And we’re likely to be back in the studio at the beginning of next year to work on a debut EP.

If you had to compare yourselves to any other artists out there right now, who would they be and why? 
I think with Saint Phnx musically we have a bit of common ground, also being from Glasgow. But I guess if Imagine Dragons were starting out now I think we’d probably share some similarities, although I’d probably say we’re more ‘alternative’.

What is the next step for North Atlas? 
We’re doing a show in Glasgow at Stereo on the 7th October for a live premier of the new single ‘Another Ocean’ – the night is going to go off! We’ve got a few surprises in place for the show, we cant wait! Also a small tour after another single in November.

Who are three of your most influential artists? 
Biffy Clyro, Imagine Dragons and AWOLNATION.

Can you describe your sound in three words? 
Rock, Electronic and Mountainous.

Which Marvel comic characters would you be and why?
Haha, in truth I’d probably be most like Peter Quill because I’ve always got my headphones on listening to my old school jams and playing air guitar when no one is looking!

Huge thanks to Leon for answering our questions! 

Now, treat your eyes and ears to the soaring, impassioned majesty of North Atlas in their brand new video for ‘Another Ocean’, exclusively on Gigslutz (and no, that’s not Thor)!

‘Another Ocean’ is out Friday, 8 September via King Of The Woöds Recordings.


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