Despite an underlying classic rock sound, London-based 3-piece Raging Bull’s story is set in the digital age, having met online. Unlike Tinder meet-ups, however, the band clicked, both musically and personally, bringing together their passion for rock in its various guises to create something heavy yet surprisingly accessible.

Prior to Raging Bull, bass player Kostas played in cover bands in his home city of Athens, before bringing his funk grooves to the UK, while guitarist Quentin (from Paris and providing the blues for the band) was writing songs after splitting with his previous band, Faitful Child. Drummer Tom hails from Hull, and had just finished recording an album with Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, making his third of the mix a little more doom; The combined output, however, is far from gloom.

Their self-titled EP is released on June 1st, with an exclusive premiere here on Gigslutz. The three tracks offer an insight into how, despite multi-cultural backgrounds and a smattering of influences, rock is a universal, forever-youthful language, and Raging Bull have mastered it. Thumping beats like Royal Blood, riffs from the rulebook of AC/DC and hints of Jack White’s various projects are thrown into the mix, making Raging Bull the sort of animal that’s rough, ready and difficult to run from.

Catch the band live when they play The Spice Of Life, Soho on 30th July, and keep your eyes on Gigslutz for the EP Premiere on 1st June.

Dan Bull

Dan Bull

Dan Bull

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